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Title: Passing Moments
Characters: Hikari, Miko (the cat)||Romance: N/A
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Angst||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing, A78, randomly generated word appears in the story (cat); Digimon Flash Bingo, 505, affectionate
Notes: This takes place after the first season and well before the second.
Summary: Miko isn't Tailmon at all. Yet Hikari can't help thinking about her partner while she pets her cat.
Passing Moments )
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Title: Lessons Learned
Characters: Mimi
Word Count: 491||Status: One-shot/poetry||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Poetry||Rated: PG
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section A10, over 150 word poem; Materia Challenge: [comet: poetry novel], [chocobo lure: random quote prompt: "One must be poor to know the luxury of giving." George Eliot], & [MP plus: random character prompt: Mimi]
Note: Poetry is not my strength in the slightest. But the challenge required it.
Summary: Mimi didn't want to be in the Digital World. And then she didn't want to leave Palmon at all.

Lessons Learned )
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Title: Ruins of Remembrance
Characters: Yamato, Gabumon
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Angst||Rated: PG
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section A63, write about a major character; Digimon Flash Bingo, prompt #110, Yokomon Village
Note: This takes place during the Dark Master arc.
Summary: Yamato and Gabumon come across more marks of the Dark Masters' reign, that spark memories from their early days in the Digital World.
Ruins of Remembrance )
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Title: My Master
Characters: Leomon, Devimon
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo, #077, great; Diversity Writing Challenge, section A65, write a fic centered on one person's view of another
Summary: Leomon has never had a master before. He never wanted one. But Devimon makes a convincing case.
My Master )
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Title: Looking Up
Character: Ishida Hiroaki
Word Count: 111||Status: One-shot
Genre: Family|Rated: G
Challenge: Word Counts Set Boot Camp, prompt #23, 111 words; Diversity Writing, section A, #47, write a fic between 100-150 words
Summary: He watches the sky. His sons are up there fighting. Ishida Hiroaki waits to welcome them home.
Looking Up )
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Title: Last Thoughts
Characters: Patamon, Angemon
Word Count: 150||Status: One-shot
Genre: General||Rated: G
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, bonus prompt 'angel'; Diversity Writing Challenge, section A48, write a 150 word drabble
Summary: He did it. He saved them all. And he needs such a nap.
Last Thoughts )
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Title: Not Yet Past Hope
Characters: Tailmon
Word Count: 200||Status: One-shot
Genre: General||Rated: G
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, bonus prompt 'dreams'; Diversity Writing Challenge, section A51, 200 word drabble
Summary: Tailmon's dreams call to her.
Not Yet Past Hope )
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Title: Communication Issues
Characters: Jun & Momoe
Word Count: 2,145||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Drama||Rated: G
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #13; Diversity Writing Challenge, section E23, write in present tense; Call It Heads Or Tails, Level 2, third person present.
Summary: During a time of crisis, it's only natural that one should want to contact one's best friend. Even when that time of crisis is an invasion from another world.
Communication Issues )
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Title: All That He Surveys
Character: Devimon, Piemon
Word Count: 2,072||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama||Rated: G
Notes: This takes place some time before the Chosen arrival in the Digital World, as well as before Devimon hides the Tags.
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #2; Diversity Writing Challenge, section D, #99: write a fic that starts and ends with the same word; Call It Heads or Tails Challenge, 3rd person present POV; Monthly Restrict, #15, write a fic in the present tense.
Summary: File Island is Devimon's kingdom. No other shall rule here.
All That He Surveys )
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Title: To Find a Friend
Characters: Ogremon, Elecmon
Word Count: 1,000||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Challenge: section B, #76, write a fic without any humans
Summary: It's been a year since the defeat of the Dark Masters and the rebirth of the Digital World. And Ogremon returns to the Village of Beginnings on a quest.
To Find a Friend )
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Title: Regrets
Characters: Piemon, Vamdemon
Word Count: 224||Status: One-shot
Genre: General||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo; prompt #672, "Daddy, I have had to kill you./You died before I had time" Sylvia Plath
Summary: Piemon has a small regret. Just a small one.
Regrets )
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Title: Way Up High
Character: DeathMeramon
Word Count: 210||Status: One-shot
Genre: General||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo; prompt #949, Tokyo Tower
Summary: A few thoughts before a battle breaks out.
Way Up High )
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Title: Toilet Paper & Toothpaste
Friendship: Jyou & Ogremon
Word Count: 2,276||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Humor||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Friendship Challenge 2: Digimon Adventure/02 Arc: round 3
Summary: You make do with what you have in the Digital World. In every situation.
Toilet Paper and Toothpaste )
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Title: When The Masks Come Off
Romance: Piemon x Vamdemon
Word Count: 3,235||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Notes: This fanfic contains vampirism and strongly implied sexual situations between two consenting, mature, and evil Digimon. It also takes place in the Digital World, after the Parrotmon and Greymon battle, but long before the Chosen Children arrive in the Digital World.
Summary: One snowy night sees two Digimon together whose ideas of love and romance aren't exactly what you'd expect. Or maybe it is.
When The Masks Come Off )

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