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Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil.

Name: Cynthia
Usual Handle: Higuchimon
Age: 40
Favorite Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh GX (anime), Yu-Gi-Oh (manga), Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds (anime), Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal (anime), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers RPM, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Kingdom Hearts.
Favorite Movies: Labyrinth, Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe, Corpse Bride, The Princess Bride, The Monster Squad
Favorite Authors: Piers Anthony, Gael Baudino, Susan Cooper, Diane Duane, David Eddings, Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Mira Grant, Carol Kendall, Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, C.S. Lewis, Anne McCaffrey, Christopher Pike, Meredith Ann Pierce, Rick Riordan, L.J. Smith, Christopher Stasheff, J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling.
Favorite Genres To Write: Romance, friendship, drama, adventure, family, angst, horror, supernatural, humor, satire
Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Prominence Dragon: Known in the English game as Solar Flare Dragon.
Will Write: Shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, het, genfic, friendship, family, plot, lots of prompt-based writing challenges, and as in-character and with full respect for canon as I can.
Won't Write: Bashing of any type. Any references to any Abridged Series. Seme/uke relationships of any kind. Mpreg.
Likes: Virtually all animals. Writing. Role-playing. Warm weather.
Favorite 'Ships: Juudai x Yubel, Juudai x Johan, Juudai x Yubel x Johan, Edo x Ryou, Ryou x Fujiwara, Jim x Asuka, Manjoume x Fubuki, Manjoume x Asuka, Edo x Saiou, Taniya x Misawa, Shou x Black Magician Girl, Kenzan x Alice, Kenzan x Rei, Kat x Tommy, Emily x Jason, Cassie x Phantom, Taichi x Yamato, Ken x Daisuke, Ruki x Renamon, Kouji x Kouichi
Favorite Characters: Pretty much all of them. I've yet to meet the character I didn't like to some degree. Just because I 'ship a lot of slash/shounen-ai doesn't mean I find the female characters unsuitable in any way. I 'ship for personalities, not body parts.

Interests (133):

amon x echo, andros x ashley, angstshipping, anzu x isis, ashley x andros, asuka x jim, asuka x mizuchi, atemu x bakura, atemu x malik, atemu x ryou, atemu x yuugi, axel, axel x roxas, axel x sora, bakura x marik, bakura x yuugi, cassie x phantom, cassie x zhane, daiken, daisuke x ken, deathshipping, destinyshipping, digimon, digimon adventure, digimon adventure 02, digimon frontier, digimon kaiser x daisuke, digimon tamers, echo x amon, eliteshipping, emily x jason, fanfic, fanfiction, fragileshipping, fujiwara yuusuke, fusionshipping, gemshipping, genfic, good omens, heartshipping, heroshipping, het, isis x anzu, jim x asuka, johan andersen, johan x juudai, juudai x yubel, kairi, kat x tommy, ken x daisuke, kensuke, kh chain of memories, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, kleptoshipping, labyrinth, malik x atemu, malik x bakura, manjoume jun, marik x bakura, marik x ryou, marluxia, marufuji ryou, maskshipping, mimi x sora, minorshipping, mira, mizuchi x asuka, mnemoshipping, mystshipping, namine, organization xiii, otogi ryuuji, otogi x fubuki, power rangers, power rangers dino thunder, power rangers in space, power rangers lightspeed rescue, power rangers lost galaxy, power rangers turbo, power rangers zeo, proshipping, psychoshipping, puzzleshipping, riku, riku x roxas, riku x sora, rivalshipping, romance, roxas, roxas x axel, roxas x riku, roxas x sora, ryou x atemu, ryou x yuusuke, sacrificeshipping, saiou mizuchi, saiou takuma, shadowshipping, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, sora, sora x axel, sora x mimi, sora x riku, sora x roxas, soulshipping, spiritshipping, stormshipping, superiorshipping, taichi x yamato, taito, tendershipping, tenjoin asuka, tenjoin fubuki, thirdshipping, tigershipping, tommy x kat, tomorrowshipping, valentineshipping, writing, yamachi, yamato x taichi, yaoi, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh 5ds, yu-gi-oh gx, yu-gi-oh zexal, yubel, yubel x juudai, yuri, yuuki juudai, yuusuke x ryou
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