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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 10

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,923||story: 29,269

Within the first half hour of being at school, I’m certain of one thing: the explosion is what everyone and anyone is talking about. I’m really not that surprised. It was something impressive, after all, and people always want something new to talk about, especially in a place where Digimon are commonplace and the most interesting thing that occurs in any six month period of time is who dates who.

People being people, they also blow things out of proportion. Before I can even make it into the classroom, I can hear at least four or five rumors detailing all about Daisuke's gory death and how he was splattered over five or six buildings. You'd think people wanted it to happen from the way they're talking about it. It makes me feel sick just to think about that happening to one of my friends. It would make me sick no matter who they were talking about, but it’s still different when it’s him. I’m not sure how, just that it is, that’s all.

I feel like I should stop and tell them that he's alive, but I have to wonder if they'd believe me. After all, I've only seen him with my own eyes. That’s not always good enough where some people are concerned. I guess they'll have to wait until he comes back to school tomorrow. Then they'll believe. I hope. There are some people who would think it was just a Bakemon disguised as him somehow.

“Hikari?” It's Takeru, and Miyako's hovering a little behind him. Both of them look pretty worried. “We heard something about Daisuke being caught in an explosion?” News travels fast. I should’ve already sent them an e-mail with the D-Terminal Daisuke let me borrow, but I’ve been lucky just to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other safely this morning.

“He's fine, his shoulder's just a little messed up.” I can kind of see a few people turning around at the mention of Daisuke's name. Maybe I won't have to tell people that he's all right? They can just hear it from this? If they do, that will be just fine with me. I still get nervous talking to people I don’t know that well. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I’m shy, but I just…get nervous.

Miyako lets loose with a long sigh of relief and sort of sags down, all the tension going out of her. “Good. Is V-mon with him?”

“Where else would he be?” It's just like it was last year when I had my appendix out. Tailmon stayed right with me the whole time. They don't leave us, no matter what. Even when some people think they’re not around, they are. That’s come in handy a few times, honestly, and I don’t know anyone with a partner who doesn’t appreciate that. “He'll be back tomorrow, I think, but I promised him we'd all come see him after school today.”

“Of course we will!” Miyako waves her arms around imperiously. “Like we wouldn't go! We can all meet right here this afternoon and head on over there!”

One thing to count on where Miyako is concerned: enthusiasm is not only her middle name, but her absolute definition. She's exhausting to be around sometimes. But a lot of fun. I wouldn’t have her any other way, either. That’s probably why we’re jogress partners. We’re opposites in some ways and alike in others. I’ve noticed that about the other pairs too.

And speaking of those…

“Has anyone told Ken yet?” Takeru asks, looking a little concerned. He and Ken aren't friends on the same level Daisuke and Ken are, or that he and Daisuke are for that matter, but they do understand each other in a lot of deep ways. I’ve seen them talking to each other sometimes, but I don’t know exactly about what. I’ve even seen them paying visits to the Village of Beginnings together. They go more than most people think, I guess. Maybe it has something to do with their partners being the only ones in our group that have been reformatted. I could ask, I know. But if it’s that important to them, I won’t.

“Daisuke let me take his D-Terminal when I left; I can drop him an e-mail.” I wave the D-Terminal a little, glad that he thought to give it back to me before I left. I hope Ken doesn't try to do anything silly like run right over there when he finds out what happened to Daisuke. Those two are really kind of weird around each other sometimes. If it were Ken laid up, you wouldn't see Daisuke six inches from him until he was all better again. I don’t think Ken is quite that forceful or whatever the word would be, but he’s going to be worried about Daisuke.

“Well, I'll see you later, Miyako.” Takeru waves good-bye to her, and they're both sort of grinning at each other like a pair of idiots. I hate to think of it like that, but it's true, and it looks just a little odd, especially for the two of them. Well, especially for Takeru. I’m used to Miyako being a little flaky once in a while. “We're still on for this weekend, right?”

Can I believe my ears? What the heck is this? Did Takeru actually do what I suggested he do? It would be about time he did, and probably the first time in his life that he did anyway. I never did get the chance to actually check and see if he’d called her to ask her out, and I’m not sure anymore how serious I was in the first place, but I guess…can it be? Did he really?

“Of course. See you later!” With a wave and a grin Miyako's gone, heading to her own classroom. Iori politely nods and waves, murmuring his usual pleasantries, before he goes on to his classroom. He's so quiet most of the time that it's easy to ignore him. I think he's a lot more worried about Daisuke than he wants to let on. I can't say I'm surprised, not with what happened to his father. The situations are really different, of course, but it just wouldn't surprise me. I don't know if I want to ask, thoug. He doesn't like to talk about that at all.

Takeru looks at me as we start on into our room. “What are you looking at me like that for, Hikari?” I've never seen him smile like that. He looks so happy. If it really is because of he and Miyako having a date, maybe they’re going to have a better chance at making it work, at least for a while, than I thought. “Do I have something on my face?”

I just shake my head. “No, nothing like that.” How can I ask him if he and Miyako have a date? It's really kind of rude to do something like that, but I did suggest he do it in the first place.

“So, Daisuke's really all right then?” Takeru asks it as we get settled in our seats. I've got Daisuke's D-Terminal so I start to compose a quick e-mail to Ken. He handed it to me before I left the hospital this morning. They probably wouldn't have let him use it while he was in there anyway. Hospital rules can be weird. I'm glad, though, because otherwise I'd have to borrow someone else's to get in touch with Ken. I'd call on his cell phone, but those things aren't permitted to be used in school unless it's an emergency. Classes haven't actually started just yet, but I'd rather not get a detention if I can avoid it. Not to mention Daisuke would get irritated if I started to challenge his record.

“Right. He'll still be ready for our date next Saturday.” I wonder again just what Daisuke's got in mind for that. It should really be something to see. Whatever he does, he tends to go all out for it. Double or nothing, that sort of thing. It makes it interesting to be around him. Not that I’ve ever found him boring. No one with any sense at all would find Daisuke boring, and if they do, they probably don’t know him that well. But that’s just my opinion.

“Hope you guys have a good time.” Takeru shifts a few things around on his desk as we wait for the teacher to get there. I kind of think he wants to say something, but is waiting for just the right moment to say it. “Miyako and I are going to be kind of busy that night ourselves.”

Bingo! I feel just like Miyako for a moment. I hope she doesn't get mad that I'm stealing her little trademark saying for a moment or two. I just won't tell her about it. Since it was all in my head, she’ll never know. But if I do decide to tell her, I’m pretty sure a couple of boxes of her favorite pocky flavors will be a suitable price to pay for the temporary usage. “So you two are going out then too?”

“Right.” The grin on his face just gets wider and wider. He really hasn't looked that happy in all the time I’ve known him. Is this how some of the others feel when they help a couple get together? It's kind of weird, and uncomfortable, really. What if it falls apart? I hope they won't blame me. Maybe I should’ve suggested someone else, like Mimi or Noriko or Keiko. If they’d be interested. I’m not entirely sure.

There, the e-mail to Ken's been sent off, and he knows everything that I do now about what happened. I didn't mention our date, though. I'm certain that Daisuke already told him about it, probably about ten minutes after he talked to me about it in the first place.

The teacher comes in and everyone has to get settled down and get ready for class. I bet Daisuke's enjoying himself not having to be here right now. When his name is called in the roll, I speak up, since I’m the only one who actually knows everything that happened. “He's not here, he's in the hospital. He was caught in an explosion on the way to school this morning.”

I don't think anyone has ever quite looked at me this way before. I think this is what they had in mind when they invented the word 'flabbergasted'. Daisuke gets it all the time. Now I get to tell him that I caused it too. Even if it was on his behalf, it’s a little more interesting than I ever thought it would be. Most of the time I’m thinking about covering my head and wondering how whatever just came out of his mouth originated in his brain.

I think I should finish telling her what’s going on before she passes out of shock or something. She does look a little pasty all of a sudden. It isn’t every day you find out one of our students nearly got himself blown up, even when you’re teaching us. “He's going to be all right, he's just a little banged up. He'll be back tomorrow most likely, or the next day at the latest.”

There's a definite relaxation there, and I’m glad of it. I think she likes Daisuke more than a lot of the other teachers do. “Good. You can take his assignments to him once the day's over then.” I had a feeling that something like that would be said at some point.

“Yes, ma'am.” I can still see people staring at me. Daisuke had never made any secret about his crush, and I hadn't really bothered to conceal that I didn't really like him back like that. At least not then I didn't. I'm not even certain about now. But class rumors are going to run rampant for a while about this. It’s not like I can stop them, sadly enough. People just like to talk way too much, especially about other people’s love loves.

In fact, I can see a couple of the girls whispering to each other at their desks now. I'm not positive, but from the way they're looking at me, they're definitely talking about us. They probably won't say anything when we all make a little run to the restrooms later. They're two of the biggest gossips in our year, for that matter. I've seen them talk about who is dating who a lot of the time. I try not to listen, but they can get loud sometimes. I think they want to; it makes them feel better about themselves. It's kind of sad. Maybe if they had partners they wouldn't have to do that. I'm sure they'll get them someday. Maybe I should ask some of the Digimon I know if they're interested in getting a partner. I think Mimi said something about some Numemon looking for some human friends. They're not the cutest Digimon out there, but with some of the things I've heard these girls whisper, it would probably suit them.

At least they quiet down once the class gets going. That's a relief. The teacher keeps them too occupied with answering questions to really bug me. I think she saw me looking at them and heard them whispering. She's done that kind of thing before when they've been too much of a pain. I really should get her a partner if I can. Maybe something nice like a Unimon or something. None of us can exactly pick and choose who gets a partner, but we can let Digimon know if there’s a human who’d like one, or let a human know if there’s a Digimon who wants to have a human friend.

Lunch finally gets here. I'm not sure if it's too soon or not soon enough. The looks the two gossips keep giving me aren't all that fun. Good thing I've got Takeru and the others for a nice little shield. We have to talk about some things anyway.

“So, we are going to see Daisuke after class?” Miyako already knows the answer, she just likes to be one hundred percent certain. Once I reassure her we're going, she pulls out his own D-terminal and sends off a message. “I'm letting Iori know.” She doesn’t look up when she says it, but we all nod anyway. It's easier to do it like this than to wait until the last second after classes, which is when we'll probably see him again.

“Should we bring him flowers or something?” Miyako leans back against the tree we’re sitting around once she's done, concern in her eyes. She's never had that many people she knows in the hospital before, not as far as I know. Her brother Mantarou broke his leg about two years ago and was there for a couple of days, and she came to see me last year when I was in for my appendix, but other than that, she tends to avoid them. I wonder if she's scared of them. I don't want to ask, though. I get the feeling it's personal.

“He'd probably rather we brought him some ramen.” Takeru chuckles a little, and I can't say he's wrong. Daisuke's appetite for the stuff is legendary. That's probably why he wants to have his own line of noodle carts, so he can have it whenever he wants.

“If I could make some before we went over, I would.” I fidget a little bit, I should've thought about that. But maybe we can buy some along the way. “We can get some before we go, though.” Store-bought isn't quite as good as home-made, but we'll do what we can.

Miyako nods a little, a flash of a smile across her face. “We can stop at my family's store. We've got all kinds of ramen flavors there, just heat them up and they're all done.”

“Good.” Takeru seems to like that idea. “Should we meet Ken there or is he going to come here?”

Oops, that reminds me, I should check and see if he replied yet. I turned the alert noise off after I e-mailed him, since the teachers don't really like us to have them on in class. There were too many cases where someone spent too much time e-mailing and not enough learning.

“Well?” Takeru doesn't quite try to read over my shoulder but it's a pretty close thing. “What does he have to say?”

There is an e-mail from him, timed not long after I sent it to him. I read through it quickly, and try not to grin. “He says Daisuke's indestructible, and he'll be at the hospital after school. I guess he doesn't intend to wait for us.”

Then the bell is ringing, and it's time for class to start up again. At least we've got something to look forward to after class. And I've got something to look forward to at the end of the week. I wonder if Daisuke knows about Takeru and Miyako yet. It should be fun to find out.

I hope Daisuke's having a good day. Then again, this is Daisuke. Confined to a bed with only nurses and V-mon to talk to.

Suddenly, I’m not certain that they’re the ones I should be worried about.

I hope the hospital's all right...

To Be Continued