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Title: Not So Happy Anniversary
Characters: Daisuke, Ken
Word Count: 3,798||Status: One-shot||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Friendship, Angst||Rated: PG
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section G44, fic that explores meaning of friendship; One Character Boot Camp, #29, savvy; Snakes & Ladders Challenge, prompt: "There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." John Holmes; Word Count Set Boot Camp, #2, 3,798; Friendship Diversity Boot Camp, #48, trust; Advent 2015, day #13, post something new
Summary: Most anniversaries are occasions to rejoice. Technically that's true for the defeat of the Digimon Kaiser. Technically...
Not So Happy Anniversary )
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Title: Truly Special
Characters: Ken & Wormmon
Word Count: 3,158||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #25; Diversity Writing Challenge, section F26, fic that is K rated.
Summary: It's an anniversary of sorts for Ken and Wormmon, and Wormon wants to do something nice for Ken. The problem is, he doesn't know what to do. So he asks... Ken?
Truly Special )
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Title: Tight Squeeze
Characters: Ken, Yamato
Word Count: 3,498||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Drama||Rated: PG
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #24; Diversity Writing Challenge, section F2, oneshot with no dividers; Headcanons Challenge: Yamato is claustrophobic.
Summary: An accident traps Yamato in a small space. He's not certain if it's better or worse that he's also trapped with the Digimon Kaiser.
Tight Squeeze )
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Title: Tears of the Hawk
Friendship: Miyako & Yamato
Word Count: 3,639||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama, Friendship||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Digimon Friendship Challenge 2: Digimon Adventure/02 Arc: round 5
Summary: What will it take to pull tears from eyes that cannot weep? The loss of a friend, or the loss of one's own self?
Tears of the Hawk )
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Title: Extremes
Friendship: Mimi & Yamato
Word Count: 3,873||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Humor||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Friendship Challenge: Digimon Adventure/02 Arc: round 1
Summary: A day of snow, fun, friends, and ending it all with some hot chocolate.
Extremes )
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Title: When The Masks Come Off
Romance: Piemon x Vamdemon
Word Count: 3,235||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Notes: This fanfic contains vampirism and strongly implied sexual situations between two consenting, mature, and evil Digimon. It also takes place in the Digital World, after the Parrotmon and Greymon battle, but long before the Chosen Children arrive in the Digital World.
Summary: One snowy night sees two Digimon together whose ideas of love and romance aren't exactly what you'd expect. Or maybe it is.
When The Masks Come Off )
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Title: Alone Together
Characters: Ken, Daisuke||Romance: Ken x Daisuke
Word Count: 3,762||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance, Friendship||Chapters: 1/1
Summary: The night that Ken slept over at Daisuke's, many things did happen, and some things might have happened. This is one thing that might have.
Alone Together )
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Title: As The Snow Falls
Characters: Yamato, Daisuke||Romance: Yamato x Daisuke
Word Count: 3,470||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance, Humor||Rated: PG
Summary: Daisuke and Yamato enjoy themselves together in a remote cabin while the snow falls outside.
As The Snow Falls )
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Title: Implacable Resolve
Characters: Carlos, Divatox||Relationships: N/A
Word Count: 3,193||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Angst||Rated: G
Notes: This takes place during Chase Into Space.
Summary: Divatox and her crew will not stop their attack on the Power Chamber. The Power Rangers will not stop defending their base. Carlos watches the immovable object and the unstoppable force come together.
Implacable Resolve )
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Title: Feast of the Senses
Characters: Jason, Emily||Pairing: Jason x Emily/Emily x Jason
Word Count: 3,895||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Summary: All of Jason's senses react to Emily, everything about her, and everything they've been through together.
Feast of the Senses )
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Title: Crazy Is My Middle Name
Characters: Kelsey, Ryan||Pairing: Kelsey x Ryan/Ryan Kelsey
Word Count: 3,511||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance, Friendship||Rated: G
Summary: Kelsey has a conversation with Ryan over something that she received in the mail.
Crazy Is My Middle Name )

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