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Title: Yelling For You
Romance: Taichi x Yamato/Yamato x Taichi
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing, A95, write a paragraph with at least four fullstops; Digimon Flash Bingo, 246, it started with a chance meeting on a film set
Notes: This is set in an AU. There's really not much romance here, but more the first bricks of a foundation for the future.
Summary: It was Taichi's job to get things for people on the set. But then his eyes met a pair of bright blue eyes, and everything changed. Now if he just knew who they belonged to.
Yelling For You )
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Title: Silent Contentment
Romance: Taichi x Yamato/Yamato x Taichi
Word Count: 600||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section B46, M rated fic; Advent 2015 Challenge, bonus #1, roll three dice to determine the length of your fic (between 400 & 600 words)
Note: This takes place some years after the defeat of BelialVamdemon and does not include the 02 epilogue.
Summary: Taichi and Yamato spend a little time with one another, enjoying each other's company without words, but with a lot of passion.
Silent Contentment )
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Title: Forever and Always
Romance: Taichi x Yamato/Yamato x Taichi
Word Count: 2,681||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance, Supernatural||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Valentine's/White Day Fic Exchange; Diversity Writing, section D60, write in the dark fantasy genre; 28 Days of Love Challenge, write about your first ever OTP; Call It Heads or Tails Challenge, first person present tense; Pairing Diversity Boot Camp, prompt #5, forevermore
Note: Summary stolen from The Princess Bride. Honestly, nothing else seemed to fit it.
Summary: Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.
Forever and Always )
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Title: Winding Down
Pairing: Taichi x Yamato
Word Count: 1,500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Challenge: Diversity Challenge: section C, #16, write an M-rated fanfic
Summary: After Agumon's rescue, Taichi needs to let off some steam, and Yamato is most certainly willing to help.
Winding Down )
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Title: Lemonade Kisses
Romance: Taichi x Yamato
Word Count: 2,721||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG-13
Summary: Taichi and Yamato enjoy a whisper of summer kisses in the depths of winter.
Lemonade Kisses )
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Romance: Taichi x Yamato
Word Count: 7,216||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Summary: Jun and Sora make a bet with Taichi and Yamato: one date, and see who likes who.
Date of Dread )

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