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Title: Race For A Cloud
Characters: Daisuke & V-mon/XV-mon||Friends: Daisuke & V-mon/XV-mon
Word Count: 294||Status: 1/1
Genre: Friendship, Humor||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing, A52, 201-300 word drabble; Digimon Partners Boot Camp, #12, sky
Notes: This is in my breeds universe, where Daisuke is capable of evolving to an Ultimate (Mega) angelic form.
Summary: Daisuke and XV-mon are racing. First to reach the goal wins! Wins what? Just wins.
Race For A Cloud )
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Title: Chocolate Mushrooms
Characters: Daisuke, V-mon||Friendship: Daisuke & V-mon
Word Count: 812||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Friendship, Humor||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing, B44, K rated fic; Digimon Partners Boot Camp, #8, guilt; Advent 2015, day #17, Write about something warm and fuzzy.; Easter Egg Basket Advent, day #11, write from a Digimon's POV.
Notes: Chocolate mushrooms are a snack in Japan. They're basically just crackers with a couple of layers of chocolate on them.
Summary: V-mon has to get rid of the evidence before Daisuke can find him. Not that he's going to fool his partner. Still, he has to try.
Chocolate Mushrooms )
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Title: Baking Errors
Characters: Daisuke, V-mon
Word Count: 294||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section A52, drabble between 201-300 words; Word Counts Set Boot Camp, #45, 294; Digimon Partners Boot Camp, #6, cupcakes
Summary: V-mon just baked bricks. The problem is that he was trying to bake cupcakes.
Baking Errors )
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Title: End of a Wait
Friends: Daisuke & V-mon
Word Count: 250
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Partners Boot Camp, #30, chosen; Diversity Writing Challenge, section A53, 250 word drabble; Word Count Sets Boot Camp, #16, 250 words.
Notes: This takes place while V-mon is still asleep under the Digimental of Courage.
Summary: V-mon doesn't know who his partner will be. Only that his partner will come for him.
End of a Wait )
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Title: Fool's Path
Characters: Daisuke, V-mon
Word Count: 232||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo; prompt 021: the one who follows the fool
Summary: Some people call Daisuke a fool. V-mon is not one of them.
Fool's Path )
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Fandom: Digimon Adventure 02
Title: First
Romance: Wormmon x V-mon
Word Count: 2,786||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Digimon Pairings Challenge: Round 4
Summary: The first time Wormmon saw Vmon, he was unconscious. That didn't stop him from falling in love.
First )

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