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Title: Promises In A Dream
Characters: Vamdemon, Piemon, Takeru
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama, Supernatural||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section A97, write a fic with no dialogue; Digimon Flash Bingo, prompt #314, meeting in our dreams; Easter Egg Basket Advent 2016, day #21, write a drabble a day for a week, 5/7
Summary: Takeru is having probably the worst nightmare of his life. He hopes it can't get worse than this.
Promises In a Dream )
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Title: Cure In A Cup
Characters: Takeru & Daisuke
Word Count: 2,130||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #11; Diversity Writing Challenge, section E26, write a K rated fic; Snakes & Ladders in Writing Land Challenge.
Summary: Takeru's got a bad cold and doesn't want to do anything. Daisuke thinks he should do something and brought something for him to do.
Cure In A Cup )
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Title: Trashed
Characters: Takeru, Natsuko
Word Count: 2,310||Status: One-shot
Genre: Humor, Family||Rated: PG
Summary: Takeru has one hat. And it's just been shredded beyond repair.
Trashed )
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Title: Options
Characters: Takeru, Patamon
Word Count: 500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama||Rated: PG
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo; prompt #817, Baromon
Summary: Patamon's never used anything but Hope to evolve before. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Options )
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Title: Desires Unspoken
Romance: Takeru x Daisuke
Word Count: 4,045||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Digimon Pairings Challenge: Round 3
Summary: Trapped overnight in the Digital World, Takeru and Daisuke do what they must to remain warm.
Desires Unspoken )
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Title: Denial
Romance: Takeru x Daisuke
Word Count: 1,895||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Summary: Takeru's best friend isn't Hikari or Patamon or his brother. It's denial, and when he's watching Daisuke, he wants his best friend very close indeed.
Denial )
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Title: Cup of Tea
Characters: Hikari, Takeru||Friendship: Hikari & Takeru
Word Count: 1,719||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Summary: A little tea, a little time to talk for Hikari and Takeru.
Cup of Tea )
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Title: Out of Character
Characters: Daisuke, Takeru{{Romance: Daisuke x Takeru
Word Count: 2,596||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance, Humor||Rated: G
Summary: Takeru isn't acting like himself: he can't keep Daisuke out of his thoughts.
Out of Character )

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