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Title: Lessons Learned
Characters: Mimi
Word Count: 491||Status: One-shot/poetry||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Poetry||Rated: PG
Challenge: Diversity Writing Challenge, section A10, over 150 word poem; Materia Challenge: [comet: poetry novel], [chocobo lure: random quote prompt: "One must be poor to know the luxury of giving." George Eliot], & [MP plus: random character prompt: Mimi]
Note: Poetry is not my strength in the slightest. But the challenge required it.
Summary: Mimi didn't want to be in the Digital World. And then she didn't want to leave Palmon at all.

Lessons Learned )
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Title: Gift Most Loved
Characters: Mimi x Lilymon/Lilymon x Mimi
Word Count: 417||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG
Challenge: Digimon Flash Bingo; prompt 291, brooch
Summary: Mimi has a gift that she was told to give to the one she loves the most. And there's only one who fits that.
Gift Most Loved )
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Title: Guest Star
Friendship: Mimi & Daisuke
Word Count: 2,254||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Friendship Challenge 2: Digimon Adventure/02 Arc: round 2
Guest Star )
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Title: Extremes
Friendship: Mimi & Yamato
Word Count: 3,873||Status: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Humor||Rated: G
Challenge: Digimon Friendship Challenge: Digimon Adventure/02 Arc: round 1
Summary: A day of snow, fun, friends, and ending it all with some hot chocolate.
Extremes )
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Title: Afterschool Chat
Characters: Mimi, Michael, OC
Romance: Mimi x Michael
Word Count: 2,318||Status: One-shot
Genre: Humor, Romance||Rated: PG-13
Summary: Mimi's love life is challenged by someone at school who doesn't understand a thing.
Afterschool Chat )
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Title: Dawning of a New Day
Characters: Mimi, Sora||Romance: Mimi x Sora
Word Count: 1,677||Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Summary: Mimi and Sora enjoy a long, quiet morning of blissful, loving rest together.
Dawning of a New Day )

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