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Title: What Comes Next
Characters: Hikari, Miyako||Romance: Hikari x Miyako/Miyako x Hikari
Word Count: 2,136||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Challenge: Diversity Writing, D13, use the polysyndeton device; Mini-Fic Masterclass Challenge, Wild Card option; Include The Word Boot Camp, #20, spicy; What-if: What if Miyako's hair were dyed?; Pairing Diversity Boot Camp, #15, warming; 28 Days of Love, write about any pairing; Dice Gods Challenge, random prompt: ribbon
Notes: Does not acknowledge the 02 epilogue or Tri.
Summary: Hikari helps Miyako with a new hair style, learns something new, and wonders what else can unfold from this point onward.
What Comes Next )
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Title: Never You, Ever Us
Characters: Piemon, Vamdemon, Takeru||Pairing: Piemon x Vamdemon x Takeru
Word Count: 3,500||Status: One-shot
Genre: Drama|Rated: R
Challenge: Diversity Writing, F14, minimum 80% dialogue only; Snakes & Ladders In Writing Land, dialogue only fic; Bundle of Horrors, #32, third; Valentine's Day to White Day 2016, day #1, soulmate!AU; Chapter Set Boot Camp, #18, 1 chapter; Include The Word Boot Camp, #1, bitter; New Year's Mini-Advent, write a fic between 3-5k; Pairing Diversity, #49, denial; Easter Egg Basket Advent day #12, pair up two characters not seen together in the franchise & give them a common goal
Notes: This takes place about ten years after the defeat of BelialVamdemon, but without Tri or the episode 50 epilogue. It's also an implied soulmate AU. It contains references to unwanted sexual attentions, but due to the nature of the story (all dialogue) nothing is graphically described. Read at your own risk.
Summary: It's the night of Takeru's twenty-first birthday. It's also the night his soulmate markings have appeared. And his soulmates have arrived. About the only thing Takeru's happy about? It's his twenty-first birthday. Everything else, he wants a do-over.
Never You, Ever Us )
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Title: Aroma of Rain
Romance: Miyako x Jun (side hints of Ken x Daisuke)
Word Count: 999||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance|Rated: G
Challenge: Word Counts Set Boot Camp, prompt #17, 999 words; Diversity Writing, section B12, write a fic between 950-999 words; 28 Days of Love Challenge, Day #13, one of the female Chosen 'shipped with someone who isn't a gogglehead; Pairing Diversity Challenge, #13, spark
Note: This was sparked by the request of an anon on tumblr who wanted me to write a Digimon f/f 'ship that I've never written before. And in all honesty, this was the only one I could think of.
Summary: Jun offers to help Miyako with her rain-soaked hair. Her hair that smells very good, feels very good, and is making Jun think things that she hasn't thought before.
Aroma of Rain )
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Title: Forever and Always
Romance: Taichi x Yamato/Yamato x Taichi
Word Count: 2,681||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance, Supernatural||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: Valentine's/White Day Fic Exchange; Diversity Writing, section D60, write in the dark fantasy genre; 28 Days of Love Challenge, write about your first ever OTP; Call It Heads or Tails Challenge, first person present tense; Pairing Diversity Boot Camp, prompt #5, forevermore
Note: Summary stolen from The Princess Bride. Honestly, nothing else seemed to fit it.
Summary: Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.
Forever and Always )
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Title: During The Date
Romance: Jun x Yamato
Word Count: 2,206||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Challenge: Pairing Diversity, prompt #7, regrets; 28 Days of Love, Day #4 (write about a pairing you're not terribly fond of), Diversity Writing, section D17, write using the alliteration device.
Summary: Jun insisted that Yamato take her on a date. It's taken a while, but now it's happening.
During The Date )
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Title: Breath of Roses
Pairing: Ken x Daisuke/Daisuke x Ken
Word Count: 2,091||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: G
Notes: This takes place post defeat of Belial Vamdemon & ignores the 02 epilogue.
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #3; Diversity Writing Challenge, section E3: oneshot with no dividers; Pairing Diversity Challenge, prompt #21, roses; One Ship Boot Camp, prompt #41, celebration
Summary: Daisuke wants to find just the right gift for Ken, which is harder than it seems, especially when one has a time limit.
Breath of Roses )
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Title: Say My Name
Pairing: Yamato x Daisuke/Daisuke x Yamato
Word Count: 1,047||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Notes: This takes place an unspecified number of years in the future. You may presume Daisuke is at least eighteen.
Challenge: 2014 Advent Calendar Challenge, day #1; Diversity Writing Challenge, section D, #40: write in the romance genre; Pairing Diversity Boot Camp, prompt #31, sex
Summary: All Daisuke can say is Yamato's name. But that says all that he needs.
Say My Name )
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Title: All Unaware
Pairing: Taichi x Koushirou
Word Count: 2,855||Status: One-shot
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG
Challenge: Diversity Challenge: section D, #7, a one shot; Pairing Diversity Challenge, #23, admit; First Kiss Challenge; Monthly Restrict: roll two dice, multiple each number by 500, write a fic in that word range: 2500-3000.
Summary: After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Taichi wants to be upset about it. Instead, he finds himself thinking thoughts about his roommate that he probably shouldn't.
All Unaware )

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