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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 21

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,927||story: 61,631

I bounce up and down on my heels, just waiting for Ken to open the door. I don’t even think about who could be in there with him other than Wormmon. Probably his music teacher, if anyone worth mentioning.

So I’m a little on the surprised side when the door opens up and I see Mimi standing a little behind him, looking more than a little confused. I wonder when she got here. I mean, I knew that she was coming, but still. I didn’t really expect to see her here. In Ken’s room.

“Oh, hey!” I wave at Ken. “Hope you don’t mind that we came to say good luck!”

“Of course not.” Ken has that quiet, polite smile on. He looks back over at Mimi. “Mimi came to do the same thing.”

Mimi waves at me and I wave back at her. “Hello, Daisuke. Hikari.”

“What are you doing here?” I ask. I know what Ken said, but I prefer getting things from the source if I can. I like Mimi. She’s really nice.

She laughs some, and it’s really a pretty sound. I think she can sing some, but I don’t remember her doing it a whole lot. It’s something Taichi mentioned once, I think. “Just wishing Ken luck, like he said. I can’t stay that long, though.”

Yeah, that time difference has to be a real pain. “Too bad.” Maybe we can all hook up in the Digital World one day and really talk. It’s been so long since we all had a chance to do that. After we have the date this Saturday, maybe that’s something to think about.

Mimi looks back at Ken, and smiles when she does. “I’ll see you later, Ken.” Palmon is right with her, and she and V-mon are all staring at each other. I think V-mon’s even blushing some! That’s so cute! I wish I could get Hikari to get a picture of them. It would be great to have some blackmail with. I don’t know what I’d ever want to blackmail V-mon for but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have it!

“Good-bye. Thank you for the advice.” Ken bows his head some, and I look up just in time to see something that could be the faintest hint of a blush on his cheeks. I wonder what she advised him about. There’s not that much time to ask as Mimi and Palmon go out and Ken motions me and Hikari inside. “I’m glad you came by. How are you feeling, Daisuke?”

People really like to ask me that a lot these days. Most everyone I run into asks that at least once. I’m glad Mimi didn’t. She might not have heard about the accident, though.

“I’m fine!” I wave it off like I do every time. I’m not in the hospital, and I’m not bleeding, and I’m not missing any body parts. So that’s the best answer. I hope they stop asking soon. It’s getting a little annoying.

“Good.” Ken still looks as if he’s got that little blush on his face. I wonder just what kind of advice Mimi was giving him.

Hey, I wonder…could she…

No. She lives in New York City. Just visiting is hell on her sometimes with that time difference. She’s mentioned it before. So maybe she was just suggesting some places to take his girlfriend or something? Mimi’s pretty good at this love stuff, even though Sora and Miyako are the ones who are supposed to know it the best. Mimi just has a knack with people.

“Are you nervous about tonight?” Hikari asks, kind of reminding me that I’m supposed to be here to bolster up Ken’s confidence about the recital, not just speculate on his love life. Not that I can’t speculate on it. It’s just that getting him more secure has to come first.

“A little.” Ken smiles as he settles back in his chair and Wormmon crawls up his leg to settle in his lap. Ken pats him a little, obviously feeling better just from that. I wish Wormmon could be there with him when he’s performing. The teachers still don’t let Digimon do that for the performers, though. Too bad.

I nod some. “I’m not surprised. Yamato’s said he still gets stage fright sometimes. But you should get over it.”

“Mimi said something about the same. She and a couple of her friends back in the States sing now and then. School functions, that kind of thing.” That sounds like something Mimi would do.

“So, when more than one of us has told you something, it has to be true!” I point out to him. “So it shouldn’t bother you anymore!”

If everyone would just listen to me when I tell them the first time, I wouldn’t have to repeat it. I’ve had to tell Ken things like this before he performs in public before. Just because I convinced him that he’s not a blithering idiot without the spore doesn’t mean that he likes being in public. He nearly threw up once, that was how nervous he was. At least I got him to the bathroom before that happened. It could’ve been really, really embarrassing if I didn’t.

Ken manages to laugh, and I grin even more at him. Hikari chuckles some and shakes her head in that way that makes me think she’s appreciating me more than usual. I like making her do that. “All right, Daisuke.” He looks as if he wants to say something else but he doesn’t. I can’t imagine what it would be. Probably something praising my insights into his confused and tortured psyche. Someone’s got to do the dirty work around here, after all.

He looks up at the clock and sighs a brief bit. “You two are going to have to go now. I’m supposed to be on in about twenty minutes.”

“Have fun!” I want to get a good seat, too. And maybe get a chance to see if I can see Ken talking to someone in some kind of way that means he’s actually talking to them. You know, in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way. Or boyfriend-boyfriend. Whatever it winds up being.

You know, now that I think about it, Michael is kind of cute, if you’re into blonds. Which I’m not, brunettes are more my thing, but maybe Ken thinks differently. And I suppose it would also help if I were into guys, which I’m not.

“See you after this is over,” Ken waves at us as we head out the door. I hardly expected to talk to him for this long. Normally he’s really only got time for a quick hi before he has to do. I kind of hope he doesn’t try to go into music professionally. I don’t know if he could take all the strain. Which is why I’m glad he’s really into this more because the school insists that he take some kind of music class and he just happens to be good at the piano.

Hikari’s pretty quiet as we’re going down the hall. I wonder what’s on her mind. It only takes a poke to get her attention. Two or three pokes, really, but who’s counting?

“What’re you thinking about?” You never know if you don’t ask, right?

“Nothing much.” She shakes her head, and I think I see a little bit of something else in her face. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe she’s not telling me everything? I don’t know how to describe it.

“Are you sure?” If she’s having second thoughts or something, I want to know about it in time so I don’t waste all the effort anticipating our date!

She smiles at me, and I go all weak in the knees. Wow. She knows how to do that just right, and I don’t think she was even trying. “I’m sure. I was just thinking about Mimi a little.”

Oh. Girl stuff. Probably something I don’t really want to know about, then. Girls and their stuff can get pretty weird. So I shut up and let her think her girl thoughts until we get down to the auditorium where the recital’s going to be.

Finding a place to sit with everyone else doesn’t take long, since Taichi saved us both spots anyway. Hikari’s on one side of him, and I’m on the other, with Takeru beside me, and Miyako on his other side. At least that’s how he’s arranging it, until Chizuru shows up.

“Uh, hi, Chizuru,” Taichi rubs the back of his head as he looks at her, and I can hardly keep myself from laughing with the way she’s staring at him. No one sane would just keep standing there while she was looking at him like that. It’s obviously something in the Inoue family genetics, cause I’ve seen all of them staring at someone like that at some time in the last few years.

“Daisuke, Hikari, you take those two seats,” Chizuru says, pointing towards two that are beside each other. “Taichi, you sit there.” She points to another. “And I’ll sit here.” She sits in between Hikari and Taichi and gives him another look.

Taichi sits down. Hard. Agumon jumps up into his lap, and they both get comfortable. As comfortable as Taichi can get with Chizuru all but glaring at him, and Muysamon right behind her seat. He’s a pretty big Digimon, after all.

Well, that gets everyone settled, I think. I can see Mimi a little farther down, and Palmon’s on her lap. I bet V-mon’s going to want to talk to her before they have to leave. That’s so cute. I still want to get a picture of it.

It takes me a bit but I can find everyone in the audience when I squirm around enough. I can never really sit still at these things before the music starts. It’s like at a movie. Until there’s something that’s actually getting my attention, I’m like a worm in hot ashes. That’s what Michael called it the last time we all went there and went to a theater together. I don’t see what’s so bad about it. I just move a lot. It’s what I do.

At least this won’t take too long to get started. Ken’s the second or third act, I think, and before I’ve got time to do much more than figure out where all the other Chosen is, the lights go down, and one of the teachers here at Tamachi comes out to start the show. We get the usual thanks for coming, a polite greeting to all the Chosen who showed up (which is all of us), and Taichi waves back to her. I do too, just for the fun of it, and she gives me a little smile. She’s told me a dozen times if I went to school here, I’d probably hold the school record for detentions.

That’s probably the nicest thing that any adult has said to me about school.

I wouldn’t really want to go to Tamachi anyway. It’s not the commute I’d have to make. I know some people who do longer ones, and I’ll probably have to do one myself once I get into college. I just want to stay around Odaiba and be with my friends as much as I can. I know I’m supposed to have all kinds of goals and dreams and plans for the future, but my friends are my future. It would be great to be here with Ken, but…I just don’t know.

Then the first player gets started. It’s really two players, a couple of flutists, who look like they’re twins. A guy and a girl. They’re good, of course. Only the best get involved in these things. That’s why Ken’s here. I don’t recognize the song, but from the way I can see Yamato and Mimi both nodding along to it, and Yamato has a really great ear for music, I guess they’re not doing too badly.

During a quiet part, when the flutes almost sound as if they’re whispering, V-mon nudges at me some and whispers, “Can I go talk to Palmon?”

“Sure,” I whisper back. “No problem.” He doesn’t have to ask, but he does it anyway. He squirms off of my lap and heads over to Mimi. Palmon whispers something to her, and a few seconds later, both Digimon are scurrying out of the room, hand in hand.

Really, I wish I could get Hikari to take a picture of that. If they wind up together somehow on our date, maybe she could then. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, would it? I didn’t think so. I can ask once this is all over, too. No time like the present, or close to the present.

Before very long, the flute playing twins are gone, and it’s the next act. Who isn’t Ken, but that’s okay. I can wait a little longer. I do shift around just a little, and try to see if I can see anyone who looks as bored as I do. Wouldn’t the person Ken’s seeing look that bored, cause they’d be waiting for him?

I think I almost hear Koushirou’s voice in my head, saying something about how that isn’t logical, but since you can’t really hear voices in your head, unless you’re crazy, and I know I’m not, I know I’m not hearing it. It’s just my brain trying to be silly. It likes to tease me like that at times. It wouldn’t be my brain if it didn’t

The trouble is, I can see a lot of people who look bored somehow, and most of them aren’t going to be dating Ken. Especially since they’re all grown up and are probably just waiting for their own kids to come on before they really look interested. This could be a lot harder than I thought it was.

I almost miss seeing Mimi staring at the stage once the second performer is finished and is leaving. She’s learning forward, a little smile on her face, and she just looks happy. I can’t figure it out. The other two weren’t so bad, so why is she looking so happy that Ken’s coming up next? I mean, I know I do, but that’s cause Ken’s my best friend. That’s different. That’s the kind of look I’d expect to see out of a…


Wait a second.

I can’t believe it.

This has got to be some kind of a trick or I’m just reading things totally wrong.

I mean, Mimi and Ken?

No way. It can’t be.

She lives in America, in New York City. He lives here in Japan. In Tokyo. In Tamachi. It just can’t be. I mean, I’ve heard of long distance relationships, but…

This has just got to be the weirdest.

Well, maybe second weirdest. There was that girl and a Rosemon, but I never really knew them. So second and a half weirdest? Half weirdest? Whatever.

Still, I could be wrong. I don’t mind jumping to conclusions, but this is sorta different than the normal conclusion that I can leap to at the drop of a hat. This is special. This is unique. This is Ken’s love life. I don’t want to get this wrong. He wouldn’t be mad, but it’s so much cooler if I get it right the first time, and I get to tease him about it. This is that little game we’re playing right now. And I think I’ve won it.

So, I gotta figure out if I’m right, so I can confirm the win. How can I do that? Just ask after everything? That could work out for the best. And he did say I could figure it out here. Or I could wait and see if he introduces us after this weekend. There’s a lot to be said for that, too. I could talk to Hikari about it and see what she thinks. Or I could do both. Sorta hint to Ken that I know but not really tell him.

Oh, who am I fooling. I’m going to be poking at him as soon as this is over with. If I even wait that long. Cause here he comes out on the stage now.

He looks really good, and when I look at Mimi, I can see she thinks the same way. I sort of nudge Hikari’s arm and bob my head over that way, hoping that she sees what I see. I think she does, because she looks back at me with this totally baffled look, kind of like the way I think I looked when I first figured it out, and she mouths their names at me.

I nod a bit back at her, and she stifles a giggle before turning back to the stage and to Ken. We did come here to hear him, after all. He sits in front of the piano, waiting for his cue. I think if I look carefully, I can see Wormmon and his parents both peeking out from backstage, watching from there. I know I can see Wormmon. That shade of green is a bit hard to miss, especially that close to the floor. His parents are a little harder to be certain of, but they do like to show up to events of his. Making up for lost time when he was younger, I guess.

I really hope he and Mimi are together, or seeing each other, or whatever. Cause this is going to be so much fun to tease him about.

To Be Continued

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