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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 20

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,920||story: 58,694

The last couple of days have been almost distressingly normal. After Daisuke and I took that trip to the Digital World, nothing else has happened. Normal days in school, normal evenings doing homework and being with my family and Tailmon. But this afternoon isn’t going to be quite that normal.

“We’re going over to Tamachi for the recital, Mom!” I wave at her as Tailmon and I come in the apartment after school. I would’ve preferred going straight on over there, but I want to get changed first. I’d rather not show up in my school uniform.

“Have a good time, dear!” she tells me, stirring something in a large pot. “Are you going to be back for dinner?”

I sniff the air, look at Tailmon, and we both decide at once. “No, I don’t think so. It’s going to take a while, since they’ve got a lot of other people playing other than Ken. But I can get something before I get back.”

She leans over to look at me. “Are you sure about that? I could keep something in the oven for you.”

My mom can cook some things that would make the great chefs of the world envious. But whatever it is she’s cooking now isn’t one of them. “No, it’s all right. Don’t go to any trouble!”

“Are you really sure?” Mom looks almost sad at that. “I’ve been wanting to try out this new recipie for weeks.” Then she brightens up. “I can still try it on your father!”

I try not to relax too much. Taichi and I win out again. He’s already left for the recital of course. I think he knew mom was going to try this and wanted to get out before she had a chance to pressure him about it. He went over to Chizuru’s to take her there. Smart guy, that brother of mine. Sometimes, anyway.

At any rate, I have to start getting ready before Mom changes her mind and serves dinner a little early. I take a quick shower, get dressed, then brush out my hair and find that nice clip that Iori gave me for my last birthday. Daisuke’s always said he liked it, and it is really pretty.

“You look nice, Hikari,” Tailmon tells me as I check the whole effect of what I’ve got on. I hope she’s right. At least it looks better than being in my school uniform would have.

“Thanks. Are you ready?” Tailmon doesn’t have half as much to do to get ready as I do. She just makes sure her fur is neatly brushed out and that’s it. I help her with it sometimes, but she also likes to do it by herself. Since I had so much of my own stuff to do, she did it herself today.

She nods at me, and then jumps up to steady herself on my shoulder. “Let’s get going, then!”

I grab my little purse, make sure my D-Terminal and D-3 are both in it, and head out for the door. “We’ll be home later, Mom! Have a good dinner!”

I wonder if I should leave a note for dad or something. No, I don’t have time, and mom might find it before I did anyway. After all, he’s eaten her cooking for all these years. He can survive one more meal.

“Have fun, dear! Tell Ken I said hi!” I promise that I will, and then we’re out the door and heading for the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors close behind us, I lean against the back of it and sigh. “What do you want to get on the way home?” I ask, feeling a faint smile tug at me. “Now that we’ve escaped that.”

“Whatever you want is good with me.” Tailmon shrugs and I can’t argue with her. I’m not feeling very picky tonight. It isn’t what I want to eat. It’s what I don’t want to eat, and that’s what my mom is cooking.

We can figure out something once we’re on the way back from the recital. I just hope our stomachs don’t start growling while we’re there. That would be really embarassing.

“Hikari?” Tailmon’s voice is all soft, and I tilt my head some so I can look at her. It’s not that easy when she’s sitting on my shoulder, but I maange. “You remember the other day when you asked if I’d ever liked anyone?”

I nod; I wonder why she’s bringing this up again. It hasn’t really crossed my mind since then. If she wanted to tell me, she would…so maybe she wants to tell me.

“There was someone, once.” She looks so sad. I haven’t ever seen her look this sad since…oh. Wait. She only looks like that when…does she mean…

“Wizarmon?” I ask it quietly, and she doesn’t look very surprised that I figured it out. After all, he was the most important person to her before we met, and I know just about every Digimon she knows. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before.

She nods some, just to confirm it, I guess. “I never told him. It was bad enough we were friends back then. If Vamdemon had guessed it…if I had guessed it…” She shivers, and I reach up carefully to comfort her with a pet between the ears. She’s cat-like enough to like it, too.

“I’m sorry. I wish there were something I could do.” It would be so nice if Wizarmon had been reborn too. Sometimes I wonder if he was, and he just doesn’t remember us. Not all Digimon remember when they’re reborn as eggs. Maybe it’s just as well that we haven’t met any other Wizarmon since then. It would be so painful for Tailmon like that. And I don’t want her to be hurt, ever.

She nuzzles against me a little, and I kind of like having her be this size and form. I don’t think I could ever cuddle Angewomon like this. The different shapes all have their advantages and disadvantages, or so Koushirou says. “It’s all right. I’ve had a lot of time to get used to it. Maybe it’s better that I never told him anyway. It might be something I regret, but at least I didn’t have to see him be killed because of it.” She sighs, remembering that she saw him being killed anyway. “At least he died because he chose to. Not because it was forced on him.”

If you have to go, I guess choosing it is better than letting it sneak up on you. And there’s never been a more noble death than that of Wizarmon. Oikawa’s would come close, though. You might have trouble getting Iori to agree, but only because he never met Wizarmon while he was alive in the first place.

“Do you think you want to try to go back there? To see if you’ll see him again?” I ask. She shakes her head at once.

“No. Wherever he is, it’s not there anymore. I don’t know where, but just not there.” I don’t know how she knows, but I’m pretty sure that she’s right. It’s just one of those feelings that comes from someplace in me, near where it glows when she evolves to Angewomon or Nefertimon. I guess you could say it comes from the part of me that is the Crest of Light.

The elevator gets to the bottom and opens with the ever so familiar ping, and we get out. It’s a relatively short train ride to Tamachi. Maybe thirty minutes. Add in an extra five to get from the apartment building to the train station. There’s still an hour after that before the recital itself starts. I’m glad we decided to leave early, though. With the prospect of a Tamachi recital, there will be quite a few people going that way.

Before all that long, we’re sitting on the train. Miyako, Iori, and Takeru are there with us, as are Hawkmon, Armadimon, and Patamon. Iori and his partner and Tailmon start to talking, while Hawkmon and Patamon both snooze against their partners.

“This is going to be so much fun! Ken’s so good at the piano!” Miyako all but gushes. She’s outgrown most of her fangirl stage, but she is still one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met in my life. She also acts like this when Yamato and his band are having a concert. Put her and Jun together and most performers tend to start hiring large bodyguards.

“I hope Daisuke’s up for this,” Takeru sounds a little worried, and I don’t blame him. I heard from V-mon that Daisuke practically collapsed in his bed the other night after we got home from the Digital World. From what V-mon said, he slept like the dead until yesterday morning. He’s been normal ever since, as normal as Daisuke gets anyway, but that still worries me some, and I guess it worries Takeru too.

“I’m sure he is. He heals up fast.” I’m not sure if I’m trying to convince Takeru or myself. But I know it’s true. I probably worked him too hard that day in the Digital World. I didn’t have to take as many pictures as I did, but there was always just something else. And I still didn’t get all the ones I wanted, because of how little film I had. Maybe next time I’ll go with Taichi or Sora, and let Daisuke rest a little.

I hope he’s going to be in shape for our date.

Takeru nods some, probably thinking of some of the other times that Daisuke has been hurt and bounced back fast from it. He hardly ever needs to go to the hospital at all. That’s just what Daisuke’s like: a fast and good healer.

“So, any guesses on who Ken’s seeing?” It’s probably the one topic we all have been thinking about the last few days, ever since it became kind of general knowledge that he was seeing someone in the first place. As much as we speculate, no one can figure it out beyond it being most likely someone at his school. The other candidates just don’t add up.

“Same as always. No one that we know.” Takeru shrugs a little when I ask. “Maybe we’ll see her tonight.”

“But would we know if we did?” Miyako asks, as curious as I am about it. Maybe more. She is more connected to Love than I am, after all. “Just because he’s talking to some girl doesn’t mean he’s dating her. I mean, look, Takeru, you and Hikari are talking right now. But you’re not going out together.”

Takeru nods in acknowledgement, and so do I. Just talking to each other isn’t an automatic sign of dating. If that were true, then all of us would have a whole lot to answer for!

I lean back against the seat and breathe out some. The train has that usual kind of train-smell to it, one that you get used to after you ride them long enough. I can hear Takeru and Miyako talking about something, but I don’t try to listen right now. There’s a bit of a ride ahead of us, and I just want to let it all go by. Maybe that’ll make it pass faster.

So much has happened in just the last few days. I want to try to step back and take it all in, but I’m almost afraid if I do, something else will wind up happening. That’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world. I’ve had some of the better feelings. This really isn’t one of them. It’s not even close.

But I take a few seconds anyway. Maybe I’ll get lucky and that’s all that I’ll need. Thinking back, it all started with Daisuke being inspired by those fireflies to ask me out.

That still gets to me. Fireflies. I’ve watched them some since and I don’t think I’ll ever look at them the same way again. There’ll always be this voice in the back of my head, and it’s Daisuke’s voice, telling me that it was the fireflies that helped him ask me.

Sometimes we can make the sweetest memories out of the strangest events.

After that came the explosion and seeing Daisuke banged up and being taken off to the hospital in the ambulance. Riding along was one of the scarier times of my life. I didn’t know what to think when his Digimentals started to blink at me. I know what I did think, and it scares me even now to remember. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt as badly as my imagination wanted to think he was.

I don’t think I actually fall asleep, but I kind of jerk a bit when the train comes to a stop, and when I look at my watch and hear where we are now, I grab for my purse. We’re at Tamachi already. Everyone else is getting up, and starting for the door.

“You all right there, Hikari?” Miyako asks, looking at me. I nod, brushing my hair away from my eyes some. Maybe I did doze off. “You looked kind of peaceful, so we didn’t really want to bother you until we got here.”

I can feel my cheeks heating up some at that. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you guys.” I guess I really did.

“It’s all right,” Takeru waves it away with a grin. “I’ve done it on the train a few times myself. Come on, let’s get going.”

Getting to Ken’s school from here isn’t going to take that long. It usually doesn’t, but today turns out to be a little different. There’s a lot more people heading that way. They must be the relatives and friends of everyone else in the recital today. There might even be some more of them coming to see Ken. He’s still famous, just not like how he used to be. I can even see a few people looking at us and our Digimon. I kind of hope we don’t get asked for autographs. That would be embarassing.

I wonder if Ken’s already waiting inside. I think he would be; he would probably have to start getting ready for everything almost as soon as school was over with. Yamato’s told me how long it can take to just get his band ready, and with a whole lot more people than four in this recital, it’s got to take a lot longer than that. In fact, they probably started to get ready before school let out if they could.

Then out of nowhere, Daisuke’s right there beside us, and he tugs at my hand quickly. “Come on, you want to see Ken before he gets started?” There’s that sparkly and happy smile of his gleaming at me.

“How?” Not that I don’t want to, I’m just wondering what Daisuke has in mind. Not knowing that can be pretty scary, whether or not you know Daisuke. Sometimes even when you do know him.

“This way!” He tugs me along, waving to Takeru and Miyako. Takeru just rolls his eyes as they go on into the school itself, and Miyako’s laughing at something. I’m not sure what. I can ask her later.

Daisuke leads me in, Tailmon and V-mon on our heels, through a door in the side of the building. He doesn’t tell me how he knows this is here or where it leads, not even when I ask him. All I get is that all but insufferable grin that tells me it’s probably something Ken told him. I wouldn’t be surprised. Daisuke wouldn’t tell me something that logical, just because it is logical. He’d probably make up a story about Ken being almost kidnapped and he had to chase down the abductors and rescue him in the nick of time.

Just because it’s happened twice that I know of doesn’t mean I want to hear about it, though. Not if it’s not true this time.

“Ken’s this way,” Daisuke says, motioning down a mostly deserted hallway. There’s still a few people going up and down it, and at least half of them have on the Tamachi uniform. No one even looks at us for not wearing it, though. Daisuke waves to a couple of them as he goes by and they wave back. “They’re on the soccer team,” he says before I even get a chance to ask. That explains it. Daisuke could probably pick out a soccer player from across three rooms, blindfolded and backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do that someday.

We stop at a door and Daisuke knocks on it. I can hear voices from behind it, but not all that clearly. There’s at least three I hear in almost under a minute. One has to be Ken’s, and one of them is Wormmon. That’s easy to figure out. But the third one, that one I don’t figure out right away. It sounds a bit familiar, what little bit I hear of it, but I just can’t decide where I’ve heard it before. Maybe it’s one of the others? Well, not Takeru or Miyako obviously, but it could be someone else. I can’t even hear whoever it is well enough to be sure if it’s a guy or a girl. So I just wait to see who it is whenever Ken opens the door.

To Be Continued

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