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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 18

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,912||story: 52,788

I can’t really say that I’m sure of why I’m going over to the soccer field to watch them practice. I never have before, unless we need to pick up Daisuke so we can go to the Digital World for something. I know he’s going to be there right now, watching and probably bored because he can’t do anything. He gets bored faster than anyone I know when he just can’t move for some reason. If some idiot enemy ever tried to hold him prisoner in a jail cell, he’d find a way to pick the lock inside of thirty minutes, just for something to do.

But, regardless, I’m on the way over here. Tailmon came to school with me today. I don’t think she’s ever going to not come again. She cheered up a lot after that ice cream and television binge, but that doesn’t change the fact she’s been here with me ever since. I don’t object, either.

I can already see Daisuke where he’s sitting. He’s doing some kind of messing around with papers or something. I can’t get a really good look. I think he’s helping the coach. That’s what it looks like from here, anyway.

“Daisuke!” I call out and wave to him, and he looks and waves back. “Hey!”

In just a few seconds, I’m up there with him, and Tailmon waves a greeting to V-mon. They start chatting about something a few feet away, and I look at Daisuke. “So, how are you feeling?”

“Better,” he shrugs a little. “I’ll like it better when I can get out there and do something, though!” He points at the field where everyone is going this way and that. I should know more about soccer, given how many of my friends like it and play it, but it’s never really caught my attention.

I finger my camera a little. Maybe I should take some pictures of the team for the school paper. It wouldn’t hurt. I wonder sometimes if I should take my photography a little more seriously. It’s been a fun hobby for the last few years, and I’ve thought that I want to be a teacher more than anything else, but at the same time…

“Are you going to take some pictures?” Daisuke asks eagerly. I can’t help but smile; he has that effect on people sometimes. And why shouldn’t I?

“Sure. I don’t suppose you’d like to pose or anything?” I tease a little, and he’s already posing before I even finish the question. I really don’t know what we’d do without him. Good thing we’ll never have to find out.

I take a few shots of him, and some of V-mon and Tailmon together and alone, and then I get the coach to pose a bit. Not for long, he’s busy with the players. I can’t get any of them to pose until practice is over with. But maybe I can find one of the other people who work on the paper and we can get a nice little article on the team going. The paper isn’t usually that much, but we should be able to figure out something. It could help with morale, maybe. That’ll be good the next time we go up against Tamachi, whenever that is. They’re not quite the powerhouse they were back about three years or so ago, but Ken’s still the captain, and Ken is still very good at what he does.

Of course, Daisuke is too, so when we do play them again, I can hardly wait.

A little beep sounds from my pocket, and I pull out my D-Terminal to see what’s going on. “Oh, it’s from Mimi!” I e-mailed her about Daisuke’s accident, but I haven’t heard from her except for a brief note of sympathy since then. I hope things are all right with her.

“What’s she got to say?” Daisuke doesn’t exactly crane his neck over to see what’s on the screen, but he is looking awfully hard this way. He can be as curious as ten cats when he puts his mind to it.

I read it over quickly, glad that she didn’t write it in English. I’m not all that good at English. I try, but sometimes I just can’t get myself wrapped around it the way I should. Maybe she can help me, or Ken can, or someone. She forgot and wrote an e-mail to me in English once. It took me two days to figure out just what it was some of what she said meant.

“She’s sending you a little get-well bouquet to your house,” I tell Daisuke. That’s sweet of her. Sometimes I think Mimi likes for us to get sick just so she can play around with the flowers a little more. I wouldn’t ask her that, though. “And she’ll see us all Wednesday.”

Daisuke looks a touch confused. “She will? She’s coming over?”

“Looks that way.” I read the note again. “Oh, she’s coming for Ken’s recital.” That’s a bit strange. I don’t think she’s come for too many of the others he’s had. It’ll be good to see her again. It’s been a while.

“Oh. Okay.” Daisuke shrugs and turns his attention back to the players. The practice is almost over with, and he’s written down a ton of stuff that the coach barked at him. Every now and then he puts down a few more words, and I wonder if some of it is what he thinks. I could read it, but it wouldn’t be polite to read over his shoulder. So after I write out a quick reply to Mimi and send it, I look around for anything else I can get a photograph of.

Maybe I really should take this more seriously. Who knows, it could contribute to that peaceful union of Earth and the Digital World that I want so much. If humans see more of the unspoiled peace of that world, they have to want to help it and keep it going, right? And they could see Digimon in their natural habitat, and see how good it would be to be friends with them.

I think I’m going to think about this a lot more. At the very least, I could become a photographer for a kid’s magazine, since I do like to work with children. It would combine the best of both.

I like being young. It gives you so many possibilities on what you could do with your future.

“I’ve got to be getting home,” Daisuke says, and he doesn’t sound too enthused about it.

“I’ll walk with you there.” I say it without thinking about it, but I don’t regret it when it sinks in what I said. Maybe that was why I came over in the first place. I did miss walking to school with him when the explosion happened. This is kind of making up for it in some way.

Daisuke grins at me even as he’s handing the clipboard and pen back to the coach, who makes a few grumbling noises that I suppose are thanks. Before we go, I get a few pictures of the team, and Daisuke insists on posing with them. But then it’s time to go on home.

As we’re leaving I notice some Digimon were in the stands up above us. I hadn’t really noticed before. They come down towards the team, and pair off with who I guess are their partners. “I didn’t know so many of your teammates had Digimon.”

“Yeah, they just started popping up,” Daisuke nods, not seeming to be all that surprised. I guess he wouldn’t be. “They usually watch us at practice.”

I like that. I usually like it whenever I see Digimon and humans together. It feels so right, and it feels even more right when Tailmon jumps up on my shoulder again and I support her with one hand gently. This really is our destiny. It’s what is meant to be.

“Daisuke, have you ever thought about what it’s going to be like when our partners evolve up to their next levels permanently?” I’ve thought about this before, but never asked it. I want to talk to Koushirou or Miyako about it, but the time just never seems to be right

“Not really. I guess I’ll have to get a cot or something in my room for V-mon then.” Daisuke doesn’t appear to worry about it that much. When does he worry? Never that I’ve seen, not even when death and the destruction of all creation is staring us in the face. That’s just how he is. Sometimes I almost wish I could smack him for it. But Miyako would get mad. That’s her job.

But the thought of just getting a little cot for Angewomon just doesn’t feel right. She’s too…I don’t know the word. But she shouldn’t just curl up on a cot like an overnight guest.

“You don’t have to worry about that with me for a long, long time, Hikari,” Tailmon tells me. I suppose I should have really asked her first. Wouldn’t she know best?

“Why not?”

She bends down a little so she can look me in the eye, and she’s smiling. I think it may be something of a sad smile, just a tiny bit, but it’s a smile all the same, and I like seeing that on her, especially these days. “I’m not going to evolve to my next level permanently for years. It might not even be while…” There she breaks off, and I don’t ask her to continue. We both know what it means.

She might not evolve to stay while I’m still alive. We all know there’s a difference in human lives and Digimon lives. Digimon are reformatted, they don’t die to stay. They come back. I worry if that goes for the evil Digimon as well. We haven’t really seen any of them come back except for Vamdemon, and that was different. So either they don’t come back at all, or they reformatted and haven’t evolved up to where they can bother us again, or if they have, they don’t remember us and don’t hold a grudge, or they do and don’t…

This could get too confusing if you think about it too much.

“What about some of the others, though?” I can see where Tailmon might not for a while. She already is on the Adult level. But what about when Agumon evolves to Greymon? Or when Gabumon evolves to Garurumon? Or Hawkmon to Aquilamon? There’s just so much that could happen.

“I guess they’ll have to stay in the Digital World a lot more.” Daisuke muses out loud. He doesn’t sound that much happier about it than I would. I can’t blame him. XV-mon wouldn’t be quite as much trouble as Greymon could be in a small apartment, but he could still cause damage without thinking about it. Any of them could.

Maybe…maybe that’s where we should all go in the end. It would be the answer to a lot of the problems that we could face around here. But I don’t like the idea of leaving our homes here permanently either.

If there is a solution, it has to be one that would make everyone happy. Or the most number of people. I don’t know what it is yet, but we can find it. It isn’t a big enough problem to worry about right now anyway.

“Hey, do you guys want something to drink?” Daisuke’s cheery voice breaks into my thoughts, and I look to see him waving a hand at a convenience store just a short distance away. “It’s on me!”

“Sure, that would be nice.” I hadn’t even thought about being thirsty, but when he asks, I realize that I am. “What do you want, Tailmon?”

“Just some water will do, if that’s all right.” I’m not surprised by that, either. It is what she loves best. You’d think it would be milk, but she’s not always cat-like when I expect her to be.

V-mon bounces around Daisuke. “Can I have some green tea? Please?”

“Oh, all right. I guess so.” Daisuke teases him with his tone before rubbing his head for a second and we all head over to the store. Daisuke waves a bit at the cashier without looking, and I see what he doesn’t: that the cashier is almost staring at our Digimon loathingly.

I wonder what his problem is. The only thing I can think of is that he must not like Digimon all that much. We won’t stay in here long if that’s the case. I go to get Tailmon’s water and my own drink while Daisuke gets his and V-mon’s, and I try not to be too upset about the way the cashier stared.

Yeah. Maybe going to the Digital World isn’t that bad of an idea. I hate the thought of running away from a problem. Hiding isn’t going to make them like us anymore if they don’t want to. But forcing ourselves on them isn’t going to help it either. I just don’t know what to do.

Except for right now, when what to do is to get our drinks and get on out of here and go home.

“See you later!” Daisuke waves cheerfully and somewhat obliviously to the cashier once we’ve paid and we head on out. The other only nods politely, but that gaze follows us until the door shuts behind us. I am very glad to be out of there.

I sip at my drink as we walk back to the Motomiya apartment building, letting the delicious coolness occupy the whole of my attention. I can’t wait to see Mimi at Ken’s recital. I can hardly wait for the recital itself. Ken is a marvelous piano player. He started it just a couple of years ago, because of school, but he’s so talented.

I think he likes it because it’s something that’s a part of him, not something he can trace back to that Spore. I’ve never asked, though. He still gets pretty good grades, and I think Daisuke’s kind of responsible for that. Not because of tutoring him. Ken does the tutoring between the two of them. But Daisuke’s responsible because he never lets Ken think badly of himself for more than a day at a time. Neither does Wormmon. With those two to back him up, Ken is literally going to be able to do anything that he wants to do, because they won’t let him believe that he can’t.

I wonder if this girl that Ken’s mentioned going out with this weekend is the same way. It would be nice if she is. Ken needs encouragement a lot of the time, and to find someone who could support him no matter what and that he could really care about, like Sora and Yamato care about each other, would be awesome. I just wonder who she is. No one I’ve asked has any clue whatsoever. They really are keeping it a tightly wrapped secret. I wonder why.

One thought occurs to me: what if it’s not a girl? I mean, not a guy either. I mean, what if he’s dating a Digimon? That could be why he hasn’t told anyone. I’ve heard about it happening, but I’ve never actually met anyone who has yet. He could be shy about telling us because of that. I couldn’t blame him even if I wanted to.

Well, whoever she is, she’d better treat him right. He deserves that more than anything after all that’s gone on. I just can’t wait to meet her so I can be certain of it. I don’t care if she’s a human or a Digimon or…or anything else, as long as she’s good for Ken and he’s good for her.

“So, want to come in for a while?” Daisuke asks when we get up to his apartment. “Mom and Dad won’t mind, and we can play some cards or something. Or go to the Digital World.” He rolls his eyes. “They won’t object if I’ve got you with me. You’d think I was going to fall apart if someone looks at me too hard or something.”

“Sure, just let me call my parents and let them know.” As long as I get all my homework done, Mom and Dad can be kind of nice about letting me visit my friends or the Digital World. And I’ve gotten really good about getting it all done. They check, too. I know they want me to get into a really good college once I’m done with high school, and this is just their way to help me do it. It’s how they show they love me. One way, anyway. And I’m going to pay them back for it, because I’m going to get into a good college and do something. I hope they don’t mind having a photographer for a daughter. I should practice more.

“Hello, Hikari!” Mrs. Motomiya bows slightly at me, and I bow back. “What are you two up to?”

“Nothing much, mom. Just hanging out.” Daisuke answers before I can as we’re on the way into the living room. “What did you want to do, Hikari? Cards? Digital World?”

I might as well get started now. “The Digital World. I want to take some pictures.”

Daisuke has his D-3 out in no time. “Then let’s go!”

To Be Continued

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