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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 14

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,882||story: 41,405

Daisuke has barely closed his eyes when I remember I've got his schoolwork in my bag, just waiting to be given to him. I'm not going to wake him up, though. He needs this rest. He says he's going home in the morning, and if he really wants to, he'd better be ready for it. The homework can wait until tomorrow, when he’s not going to have much else to do other than this.

V-mon's already asleep curled up next to him, and I really wish I had brought my camera with me. That would make the most beautiful picture, one I'd like to give him. Maybe I can try to get it some other time. It wouldn't be quite like now, but still, it would be pretty anyway.

Everyone else is being so quiet. None of us want to wake him. I don't even know how much longer we're going to stay. As much as I'd like to be here for a while, there are things that we all have to do, and they won’t just let us stay here forever, unfortunately.

“Do you think I should leave the ramen here for him?” Miyako murmurs, tapping the bag she's had slung over her shoulder. I'd almost forgotten that she was going to bring some with her. She didn't forget, though. Not that I thought she would.

Takeru tilts his head, thinking about it, with that little frown between his eyes that always crops up whenever he’s thinking about something. “Probably. Whatever Ken's bringing won't last him all night. You know Daisuke's appetite.”

No kidding. Especially if the only other things he's going to have are hospital food. I know I wouldn't want to eat nothing but that for an entire day. I know, because I didn’t want to eat just their food when I was in for my appendix.

“Yeah, I think so.” I add in my voice, and Miyako grins more and more widely. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and Miyako is no different from anyone else when it comes to that.

Iori, however, looks as if he has a different view of the subject. “Shouldn't we ask first if he can have normal food? There might be some kind of reason for it...”

“I think it'll be all right.” Takeru shrugs a little. “He just bumped his head and got scraped up some, I think. Oh, and his shoulder. I don't think that'll mess up his stomach. Besides, Ken wouldn’t have went to get him something if it wasn’t all right.”

I don't know myself, but there's another way of looking at it. “Daisuke's probably going to sleep a lot until tomorrow morning anyway, so I don't think he'll eat anything we do leave for him. He'll need to cook the ramen anyway, and I know they won't let him do that.”

Miyako stares at me some, confusing touching those brown eyes of hers. “Then what did I bring it for if he can't eat it?” She sounds more confused than anything else, and I can't blame her. We should have thought about that when we were trying to decide what to bring.

“So he'll know we were thinking about him, of course.” I remind her, and she flushes. She's not quite as thoughtless as she has been in the past, but once in a while, she does have a mild relapse. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It's part of her charm. After all, I didn’t really think about Daisuke needing to cook the ramen myself, and neither did Iori or Takeru. So if blame needs to be assigned, there’s more than enough going around for all of us. If ‘blame’ is even the right word. I’d call it more just people being people.

I wonder when Ken's going to get back here. Whatever he brings, I know Daisuke's going to eat it, just by the way I hear his stomach rumbling once in a while. It's either his stomach growling or V-mon snoring, and I really hope it's not that last one. It’s way too loud for that to be a stomach. It’s almost like a wild animal. Or at least a very loud Child Digimon. I hope Ken thinks to bring enough for V-mon as well. If Daisuke is hungry, V-mon has to be too, and if one of them being hungry is scary, then both is downright terrifying!

Miyako pulls out the containers of ramen and stuffs them quickly into the drawer on his bedside table. We'd better let him know that they're in there, so he doesn't go off in the morning and forget about them. That would be just the kind of thing to happen too. Whoever had this room next would get a heck of a surprise in that case, or the nurses would, if they checked the drawer first.

“Guys, we're going to have to go soon.” Takeru murmurs it quietly, not wanting to wake Daisuke up. He doesn't have to list the things he has to do. We all have the same things, more or less, but none of us want to just leave Daisuke sleeping here. Besides, he asked to be woken up when Ken got back. We can't just not do that.

“Once Ken gets back,” I reply, casting a glance towards the door. He can't be too much longer. I wonder just who it is that he's seeing. Maybe he ran into them and that's what's absorbing his time? No, even if he did, he wouldn't make Daisuke wait like that. He might be thinking about bringing them along just to surprise Daisuke by an early revelation, though. “He shouldn't be too much longer.” I hope Ken's not going to make a liar out of me.

I wonder what else is going to happen the rest of the week. It certainly started off with a bang, to use a Daisuke-phrase. At least he's going to be all right. Though I think he might have to skip soccer practice tomorrow. He's really not going to like that. I bet anything he'll try and watch anyway. That’s like him. He’ll avoid school like it carries a fatal disease, but just try to make him miss soccer practice. It can’t be done.

Iori looks towards the door nervously. He, too, isn't as uptight as he was a few years ago, but he still likes things to be a little ordered and regulated. He probably has kendo practice with his grandfather, too. He can survive his schedule being a little off, but I think it makes him nervous.

“I think I hear something,” he says, and goes over to the door, peering around the corner. Indeed, a moment later he looks back in, relief written all over his face. “It's Ken. Another nurse is oohing over Wormmon.”

Ken's got a lot of experience at getting past people who are doing that. Almost everyone who doesn’t have a Digimon of their own, and a few who do, want to take the time to admire his partner. I can understand it. Wormmon, no matter his stage at the time, is probably a top contender in the Most Adorable Digimon contest. It only takes a few more moments before he's right there again, a bag of fast food in one hand, with a drink in the other. He looks fondly over at the bed, his lips twitching ever so slightly into a smile. “I thought he'd fall asleep before I got back.”

He comes over and sets everything he has except Wormmon, who is perched behind his neck and clinging carefully with his pods, on the bedside table. “Come on, Daisuke, wake up. I brought you something to eat.”

Daisuke's eyes are open before the last word has fully faded away from my hearing, and he sits up as quickly as if he hadn’t been asleep to start with. “Thanks! You're the best friend ever!” He reaches for the food with the same kind of enthusiasm that men parched in the desert reach for water.

“My pleasure,” is all Ken says, but I can see the appreciation in his eyes. It's hard to believe some days that Ken was ever the Digimon Kaiser or that he tried to kill Daisuke several times. Thank goodness those days are long over with and all we have to worry about are the occasional attacks of random evil Digimon who think they can take over the world with us sitting back and twiddling our thumbs. But to see those two hanging out as if it never happened in the first place is always amazing.

Takeru clears his throat a little and starts to move away from the wall, raising one hand to steady Patamon as he does. “We're going to have to go, Daisuke.”

He pouts. He actually pouts again. Even with having seen it before, I still can’t believe how cute it looks on him. He has to have practiced it to make it look like that. “Already? You just got here.” It’s not entirely true, but we haven’t really had the chance to talk as much as we’d like.

“Well, we do have homework and other chores at home,” Iori points out reasonably, and Daisuke pouts even more. Before he can say anything, Iori motions to the bag at my feet. “You've got homework too.”

The way Daisuke's face falls is almost amusing, but I hold back a giggle. You'd think it was the complete end of the world or something. I pat him on the hand briefly. “Don't worry, I bet they won't mind too much if you're a little late handing it in. It's not that hard, anyway.”

He looks up at me, and I'd almost swear he has tears in his eyes at the thought of homework. Or the thought of something, anyway. “I can't even get away from this stuff while I'm in the hospital!”

“That's the way it works, Daisuke,” Ken chuckles some as he sits back into the chair he’d vacated earlier. None of us even bothered to sit in it while he was gone. “I can stay and help you with it, if you want.”

“Thanks!” Daisuke grins wildly, and spoils the whole effect by sucking hard on the soda Ken brought him with one hand and feeding some pieces of sushi to V-mon with the other. “That's really great, Ken.”

“You two have fun,” I tell them, getting up and picking the bag up. For a moment, Daisuke almost looks as if he wants me to forget to give him the things inside. What am I thinking, of course he wants me to forget. But I won't. I carefully pull the books out and set them near him. “See, it's not all that much, and you'll be able to study for the biology test some more. It wasn't that hard. You should pass it.”

I’m not exactly lying. I didn’t find the test all that hard. But biology isn’t Daisuke’s best subject, and probably never will be. He wouldn’t take it if it wasn’t mandatory. I suspect he will enact a ritual destruction of his textbook once the class is over with and he can move on to something else.

“If Ken helps me,” Daisuke mutters, throwing a hopeful look at his friend. Ken just smiles; there's no way he wouldn't help. Then Daisuke looks back at us. “Well, I know you guys don't want to leave...” He's grinning, I can tell, even though he looks about as sober as Daisuke ever looks.

“We'll see you tomorrow, Daisuke,” Iori says, bowing briefly towards him. “Don't study so much you forget to rest; I know you want to go home.”

Daisuke rolls his eyes. “When have I ever studied so much I forgot to sleep?”

He has a point, and Iori's smile recognizes that fact. We all tell him good-bye, except for Ken, who starts to look through one of the books that I’ve put there for the assignments I’ve marked.

“Take care of yourself, Daisuke.” Takeru waves briefly and starts out of the room, Miyako and Iori echoing the same thing, with Miyako adding in the location of the ramen, and following shortly after. I stay there for an extra few moments, just looking at him. I think it makes him nervous, since he starts to look back, the faintest hints of red on his cheeks.

“Um...you should probably...” I don't think he wants to tell me to go, really. I wouldn't really mind sticking around for a little while longer, if I didn't need to go home. My parents might understand. Taichi would understand. But it’s just not the right time, and I don’t care if that makes sense or not.

“Yeah, I know,” I nod a little and shift towards the door carefully. I’m taking my time on this leaving thing, when I should really do it and be done with it. “I'm really looking forward to this weekend, Daisuke.” I grin some and step towards the door some more. “Don't do something stupid and not be there, okay?”

I really think he's blushing now. Daisuke is blushing. Who knew he still could? It doesn’t exactly match his hair, which has gotten a little darker red over the last year or two, but it doesn’t exactly clash, either. “I won't! I mean, I won't do something stupid...I'll be there! Really!”

“See you tomorrow, then,” I pause for a moment, searching for something else to say that will put off the inevitable leaving for a little while longer. “I know you said you're going home tomorrow, but are you coming to school too?”

He shakes his head almost at once. “I don't think the doctor's going to let me right away. Not with my shoulder hurting like this.” He pokes at it some, and winces. I want to tell him not to do that, but I think he figures it out kind of quickly. “But I'm going to be there for soccer practice, even if I have to just sit on the benches and watch!”

That was exactly what I expected to hear. Daisuke's going to be just fine. If he can still think about soccer and make plans to be there, then I know I’m right.

“I'll see you later, then.” I wave at him and go on out the door, trying to catch up with the others. I hate the empty feeling I get whenever I leave someone behind in a hospital room. At least he has Ken and Wormmon there to talk to, and V-mon. It's not as bad as it could be. But that doesn't make it any easier to do, no matter what.

I don't do a lot of talking as we head out of the hospital and get ready to spread out to our respective homes. I can't really say if I'm thinking much of anything, but I don't know if I'm not thinking. It's all very confusing, and I wish all of this hadn't happened, for a lot of reasons. This would be so much of a nicer afternoon if I’d eaten lunch with Daisuke and the others, just like usual, and we’d all sat around talking about what we were going to do the next time we all went to the Digital World, or Ken’s concert, or this coming weekend, or anything but Daisuke being in the hospital.

“If you want to talk about anything, Hikari.” It's Miyako, and she looks worried when she looks at me. All of them do, really. I wonder what’s on their respective minds. “You can just call me, you know that, right?”

“Sure...but what's wrong with you guys? You're acting like you expect me to throw myself out a window or something.” I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it, but I can’t think of how else to describe the looks they keep giving me.

Tailmon sniffs a little, preening a paw. “As if I'd let you be that stupid.” I ruffle her fur a little, and she swats at me gently. “And you’d better not ever forget your things again, either.” She says it in a way that indicates she’s blaming herself a little for me not having them earlier. I’ll have to talk to her about that when I get a chance. Maybe once we get home.

“You just looked as if you were down about something,” Takeru tells me, some of the worry easing away from his face. “That's all.”

“I just don't like leaving people alone in hospitals, that's all. I mean, I know Daisuke's not alone, but I can't help it.” I can't remember if I've told them that before. Well, no time like the present, I suppose. “I've always hated being alone in them, and it's worse when I've got to leave someone I'm visiting. They're so...” I just shudder, and can't figure out how to finish the sentence. No one seems to mind, though.

Iori nods at me briefly in understanding. “I know just how you feel.” I wonder if he has any bad hospital memories, and I'm not sure if I want to find out right now. For now, I just want to go home.

So that’s where Tailmon and I go.

To Be Continued