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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 12

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,909||story: 35,184

I can’t believe it. School is finally over for the day. It took it long enough. Now we can finally go see Daisuke. I wonder if Ken's made it there yet already. Really, given how much farther it is from Tamachi to where Daisuke is, and that Ken has cram school to go to, he might not have yet. But this is Daisuke he's going to see. That makes it a little more of a priority. I don’t think Ken would just dump his extra lessons, but there’s always that chance he’ll delay his homework until a little while later. A reasonably good chance, given that it’s Daisuke who is hurt.

“Everyone ready?” Takeru looks as if he's trying to line up troops to go into battle as we all get everything organized. Miyako looks just about ready to laugh at the look on his face, and I'm not feeling any more solemn. We don't really have any actual 'command structure', but whenever Ken or Daisuke isn't there, Takeru tends to be the one who does his best to stay in charge. It's not always the best thing, but we're all still alive, so it's not the worst either.

“Ready, sir!” Miyako salutes and grins at him unashamedly. Daisuke has certainly rubbed off on us all. Of course he would've added a few more things, but there's only one Daisuke. There are those who wish there wasn't even that one, but I'm not one of them. I pet Tailmon a little; it was a bit surprising to find her waiting when we got out of school, but she told me Hawkmon and Patamon came to get her once they knew about what happened with Daisuke. She wants to see him as much as I do.

Iori was there as well when we got out, with Armadimon already evolved to Ankylomon. He looks very healthy and rested from his trip away with his grandfather, which I suppose is why he went in the first place. He and his mother don’t fight the way some of us do with our parents, but I had the impression things had been getting a little strained between them for some reason. Iori doesn’t like to talk about some things, and we’ve learned not to push him when he’s in the mood to be quiet. I think he’s talked to Takeru about it some, though. That’s good. At any rate, he’s ready to go with us.

It doesn't take all that long to get to the hospital, not with the transportation system that we have. Angemon, Angewomon, and Aquilamon are faster than just about anything short of the bullet train. There's not even time for Armadimon to complain that he can't really travel that fast. I feel a little sorry for him sometimes. His evolutions have always tended more towards power than speed. That's part of what makes him so good for Iori, though. Iori is a power-thinker sometimes. He might not think very swiftly, not in the way that Ken or Koushirou do, but he thinks every bit as well, if not more. I think that those are part of the reasons that he has Faith and Knowledge. A speck more of Jyou than Koushirou in him, one might say.

Once we're close enough to the hospital, I realize almost at once that I'm listening without hardly thinking about it for anything loud and noisy. I've noticed that Daisuke tends to be like that most of the time. The fact I'm not really hearing anything like that is worrying me. I’m used to there being noise around wherever Daisuke is.

“Are you sure this is the right place? I don't hear anything.” Iori's thinking the same thing that I am. I think we all are, really. Is their soundproofing really that good? Is there soundproofing that’s good enough to keep Daisuke’s noise under wraps?

“Maybe they've just got good soundproofing?” Miyako suggests, unknowingly following my thoughts as she starts inside. We all follow along, hoping that she's right. It's not a deathly quiet we're hearing, just the noise that's there when Daisuke isn't, which is so much different from what's there when he is. Something along the lines of the difference between a quiet little trickle of a river and the crash of a hurricane. I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it, but it comes close, at least.

The nurse at the front desk gives us Daisuke's room number, along with an admonition that we'd all better be quiet. There are multiple patients who need their rest around here, and of course, Daisuke is one of them. She looks as if she's about to launch into something about how only one or two of us can go in there at the same time, and from the way she's looking at our Digimon, I think she's about to try and ban them from coming with us.

“Come on, guys, let's go,” Miyako says quickly and starts past the desk, not giving her the chance to say anything else. “Daisuke's been here by himself all day, and if we don't go see him, he just might start tearing this place apart just to see some action. We wouldn’t want that.”

I can't really describe the look on the nurse's face as we go on by her. She kind of has one finger raised as if she's about to point at us, but just never got there, and her mouth is open into a perfect 'O'. I have no idea how long she sits there like that, since I can't see her as soon as we turn the corner to find the elevators, but it's a sight that sticks with me for a long, long time.

I suppose that we should have just let one or two of us in at a time to see him, but we’re already on the way here, and we won’t be staying that long. As much as we’d like to stay longer, there are too many other things that we have to do. If we all tried to take it just a few minutes at a time, we’d never all get to see him, and no one really wants to give up his chance to do so. I don’t think explaining that to the nurses would go over all that well. I just hope they leave us alone long enough to visit him.

Finding Daisuke's room is a lot easier than we thought it would be, even without the extra noise we were hoping to use for a guide. Hospitals are a little confusing at times, but the directions soon get us going in the right direction. We're only a little distance down the hall when we do start hearing something, though, something very, very familiar.

“Oh, he's so cute! I wish I had one!” It’s a female voice, and they’re all but squeeing.

Now we finally do hear Daisuke, and he sounds as all right as he ever has. “Sorry, this is the only one there is, and he's all mine.” Oh, I see. It’s someone else who saw V-mon and thinks he's adorable enough to want to keep. If they had any idea of how much he eats, they wouldn't want to go anywhere near him, especially with food anywhere near them. He's been known to sit near people eating lunch and stare at them with those huge eyes of his until they hand over something. I think he's put on a good three or four pounds in the last few months. I’ve also heard rumors that he sneaks food from the kitchens at school during classes. Daisuke hasn’t said anything to me if he has, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

“Well, what about this one?” We're still not quite close enough to see inside the room, so who else could be there who has a Digimon? None of his family do, yet. Maybe Saito and Candmon came to visit? Though I wouldn’t really call Candmon cute myself. He’s virtually a human-sized candle, after all.

“Sorry, he's one of a kind, too,” Ken's quiet tones are completely unmistakable. So he did beat us here. Stingmon must have given him a lift, just like I was thinking.

The nurse, or whoever it is that wanted one of the Digimon, just sighs. “And you probably wouldn't want to leave your friend, would you?”

“I'll never leave Ken!” Wormmon declares quite firmly, and I can almost see him snuggling against his partner as he does. I think he'd live inside of Ken's skin if he could get away with it. The only pair I've seen who are even half that close are Yamato and Gabumon. Tailmon and I are good friends, but there’s something so very special about the bonds between Yamato and Gabumon and Ken and Wormmon. I could never start to figure them out, though sometimes I want to.

Just as we get to the half-opened door, it swings open all the way, and a nurse steps out carefully backwards. “Well, I'll be back later to check on you, Daisuke. Be careful, and try not to get hurt again. Your little friend there is too dangerous to let back in here! His eyes alone qualify him as a lethal weapon!” I’m just a little nervous when she turns and looks right at us. Is she going to tell us to get out and wait until there’s less company there for Daisuke? She leans back into the room before she says anything to us, though. “Looks like some of your other friends are here! Don't blow the place up, all right?”

Before she can get an answer, she's already heading down to the nurse's station, and passes us with a polite nod and an amused smile. She’s not that old; I think she’s maybe a couple of years older than Jyou. Before she passes by us, there’s a sort of wiggle in one of her pockets, and a small green head peeks out. She’s got a Pabumon! No wonder she didn’t say anything! Those of us with Digimon partners, whether we’re Chosen or not, always stick together. It’s become almost a tradition in the last three years, and I'm glad of it.

With that little mystery cleared up, we head inside, and the first thing I see is V-mon curled up beside Daisuke on the bed, both of them grinning at the door, and V-mon also wearing his 'I'm too cute, don't you wish you were me' look. That explains a lot of what we'd heard. The fact the nurse has a partner explained the rest of it.

“Hey, guys!” Daisuke waves the second he can see us and motions for us to come on in. Ken and Wormmon are in one seat near him, while Shuu is standing up from the other, and Jun is right beside him. Daisuke looks over at them as Shuu gets to his feet. “Are you guys going already?” He doesn’t sound all that happy about it, either. I knew he liked Jun more than he is ever going to admit to anyone, much less Jun herself. Good thing he doesn’t have to. She already knows.

“We have to.” Jun tells her brother, coming over to ruffle his hair. He pouts a little, and I realize only then that he doesn’t have his goggles on. They must be around here somewhere, since he had them when he got in the ambulance. “Sorry about it, but we can't stick around forever. Mom and Dad are going to want to know that you're feeling better, and dinner's waiting, too.”

He groans a heartfelt groan. “You're going to have something good, I bet, and I'm stuck here with hospital food!”

“Well, next time don't get exploded,” Wormmon suggests in that sweetly reasonable voice of his, and Ken laughs a little, rubbing the back of his partner's head.

“I don't think Daisuke planned on this happening in the first place,” he reminds him, waving politely to Shuu and Jun as they leave. “But I think I can probably bring you in something edible, Daisuke. Just eat what they give you, and try not to let on I did it.”

Deep brown eyes light up at the very thought of real food. I almost can’t imagine Ken breaking rules like this, but he did make the offer. “You'll bring me food?” I've got to remember that. He can get pretty hyper over food. Maybe Yamato can teach me how to make some things. It would be kind of nice to have Daisuke reacting like that to something that I made. I’ve never had anyone act like that because of me before. It looks as if it could be fun.

Once he's been reassured that Ken really will bring him something that wasn't made here in the hospital, Daisuke notices the rest of us are really here. He saw us, of course, but now he’s really noticing us. I think he looks a little more warmly at me than the others. It might just be my imagination, but I still think it anyway, and I’m glad of it. He was still a bit out of it when I was here this morning. I'm really glad to see that he's doing so much better. At least I don’t blush or anything when he looks at me. That would just be too silly.

“So, I've heard you two have a date this weekend?” Ken raises one eyebrow in that way he has, looking from me to Daisuke and back again, and I'm quite certain I'm turning kind of red. The others have heard already, but that doesn't mean it's not a little embarrassing to have it said like that. Ken has a way of saying things sometimes that just makes someone blush, and I can tell he’s not even trying to. It just happens.

Daisuke pokes at his best friend, grinning. “And what about you? You said that you have a date then, too. So spill. Who is it? How long have you two been going out? Why didn't you tell us before?”

Ken has a date? When did this happen? He really has those 'deer in the headlights' look perfected. So does anyone who has ever spent any time around Daisuke and his questions. He finally manages to say something, though. “I told you already I wasn't really going to say who it was. We're still not sure about this.” He's even more red than I am. I can’t blame him, either. There’s nothing half as embarassing as an unsure relationship. That’s what Sora tells me, anyway. And Miyako. And Mimi. And a lot of other people I know. “But if you see us Saturday, then you'll know who it is. Or if you don't, if this does work out, we'll let you know.”

“Aww, come on, Ken!” Daisuke has his pout perfected. How can he do something like that? And why is it so adorable when he does? “How are you going to know if it works out? If you get married? What if it doesn't? You're not going to keep it from us forever, are you?”

Ken has turned this most amazing shade of red. “No, I won't. I just...now's not...I...”

“Hey, I'm sorry!” Daisuke grabs onto Ken's shoulder and sort of leans closer, dropping the pout and just looking worried. “You don't have to say anything until you want to. I was just teasing you, you know that.”

“Yes, I know,” Ken smiles just a little and squeezes Daisuke's arm warmly. “She might be able to make my recital Thursday, so you might see her there.” A bit of a mischievous twinkle glimmers in his eyes. “But I won't tell you who she is if you don't then. You’ll still have to wait until Saturday.”

Before Daisuke can start that teasing wail of his, Ken stands up, still holding Wormmon. “I'd better go get that food for you. It's going to be dinner time sooner than you think, and you're probably hungry after a day of hospital food anyway.”

Daisuke gives a very theatrical shudder and nods. “You have no idea.” Ken just smiles and slips out, his thin frame letting him go past us all without anyone having to move too much. Indeed, as quickly as he goes, we don't even have the time to move even if we'd needed to.

I settle down in Ken's chair, while Miyako grabs the one that Shuu had been in before they left. “Are you really doing better, Daisuke?” I want to be sure of that. I know what they said before I left, but if they found something else out afterwards, I want to know about that, too.

“Sure am! The doctor says I can go home in the morning.” He grins, sitting up and throwing his legs over the side of the bed. Except for some bumps and bruises, and the slightly bandaged shoulder, he looks the same as he always does. “But there is some bad news.” He pulls the longest face possible.

Iori frowns some as he steps closer, worried. “What do you mean?”

For a few seconds, Daisuke almost looks as if he’s going to burst into tears. I wouldn’t put it past him, especially not after what he says next. “I have to go back to school tomorrow, too!”

To Be Continued

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