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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 4

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,979||story: 11,621

I couldn't stop myself from staring into the telephone. It just didn't seem normal for this to happen. I could believe one person asking me out, sure, no problem at all. Two people, both of them my friends, asking me out for the same night? Both of them wanting to go out on the same night was stretching it a little. Mimi's told me about things like this, but I thought they were just on television, not real life, or as real as our lives get.

“Hikari?” Takeru sounds a little concerned. I usually don't space out like this. Well, I've got to give him an answer, and there's only one answer I can give him. I think I’d give it to him even if he hadn’t asked tonight.

“Sorry, Takeru, I can't. I've already got a date for that night. Daisuke asked me out just a little while ago. That's what I was going to tell you.”

“Oh.” Well, at least he's not upset. Some guys can really freak out when they find out something like that. Mimi told me all about that. Sora mentioned it a couple of times too. And then there were all the horror stories Mother told me when she said I was finally allowed to date. Allowed to, but I don't think she ever really wanted me to. Those are parents for you. “Well, that's okay. You guys have a good time.”

I can tell he's disappointed. It's only human. But maybe I can help him out. I do have some advantages, after all. It’s a nice perk to having female friends. “Why don't you call up Miyako and see if she's busy that night? I don’t think she is, and you guys have had fun together before, right?”

“I don't know...” Takeru sounds hesitant. I don't suppose I can blame him, but I just want my friends to be happy. I think I'd rather date Taichi than date Takeru, to be honest. At least with Taichi, I wouldn't have to put up with the darkness that still hovers around Takeru. I'm not as scared of it as I used to be, but it's nothing I'll ever be comfortable with. Could anyone be?

Of course, with Taichi, I’d have to put up with his idiocy, and he’s my brother. I’ve seen enough of that anyway. Why should I make myself suffer more than I have to?

“Come on, it won't hurt anything, will it? It's not like I'm asking you to marry her, or even go steady. You're just going to go out to the movies together. If you wanted to go out with me, you can definitly stand to spend a couple of hours with her, can't you?” I'm not all that sure just what I mean, but it sounds good. Maybe I really have been spending too much time around Daisuke. That’s a bit unnerving, but I can deal with it.

“I thought she was going out with Mochizuki.” Takeru is starting to sound as if he's interested a little more than he was just a few seonds ago. It's a beginning, at least. I feel a little like Mimi, doing this. That's really weird, especially since it’s Miyako or Sora who usually have the love and romance aspects of things wrapped up. It’s not as if someone assigned it to them, but it just seems to come naturally to both of them.

“She's not. They broke up last week.” I lean back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Miyako spent three days sleeping over here with me last week because of it, generally muttering about how Mochizuki was a pain who couldn’t handle dating someone who was of higher IQ than a fruit basket. I’ve never hung out with him so I can’t be sure if that’s the truth or just her being annoyed talking. I just know that when they were dating, she thought he was a cool guy. “Not that I'm surprised, you know. It was doomed from the start.”

“Huh?” Typical guy. I'm surprised he knows anything about how to ask a girl out, since he never really seems to figure out how to keep one. He doesn't have Miyako's track record, but then again, I don't think anyone could. Ever since she stopped just random crushing on people and actually asking them out on dates, she's went through at least five or six in the course of a year.

Well, I guess if he really doesn’t know, then it’s time to inform my best friend about my other best friend's interests. “Mochizuki's not that bad of a guy, from what I know, but he just doesn't have what it takes to really spend that much time around Miyako. She likes people that are unique.” I'm quiet for a second, trying to think that one over some. No, I don't think that's really the way to describe it. “Well, I don't know. She likes special people. And ones that aren't special. I'm really not saying this right, Takeru.” I almost wish I were Miyako right now. She wouldn't really care that much if she said things that didn't quite mean what she wanted. She'd say them anyway.

“You mean she likes sparkly people?” Well, that's not how I would have said it, but...

“I guess.” There's really no other way to describe it, honestly, now that I think about it. She's not as wacky as she used to be about it, but the quickest way to get Miyako's attention is to somehow excel. Takeru's not exactly the sparkly shiny kind of person that Ken or Michael are, but he's got his own kind of charm. If you're into that kind of thing, I mean. It’s hard for me to be objective, since he’s my best friend since we were just kids. I can't really say if they’re each other’s type or not, but a little date never killed anyone. Of course there was that one time where Ritsumon almost killed Sora and Yamato, but that’s another story altogether. “Call her up and ask her, Takeru. The worst that'll happen is that she'll say 'no'.”

I can almost see him glaring down at the phone. Guys tend to be like that, I've noticed. They're weird. I wonder if Daisuke would've been like that if I'd tried to suggest he go out with Miyako. Not that I would have. There are things more terrifying than the Darkness. That's one of them. I believe they’d kill each other sooner or later if they tried to date. I think that it would be kind of interesting to watch for a while. In the same kind of way that a forest fire is interesting, of course.

“All right, I'll call her.” I wonder if a fourteen year old can pout. He sounds like he is, kind of. Boys. You try to help them out and they act like it's the biggest imposition in the world. It’s almost enough to make someone think about giving them up forever, or at least for a couple of hours.

“Good. I'll be checking with her tomorrow so you can't get away with not calling her.” I'll do it, too. I can even get Daisuke to check on Takeru to double-check if I have to. He'd love that. Not that I'm going to tell Takeru that right now. I doubt I'd ever have to ask Daisuke to do it. Once he hears that Miyako has a date with someone, he'll be trying to find out who it is, just to make sure he's up on all the current gossip.

Then again, with how Miyako acts whenever she's got a date with a new person, neither of us will have to exactly ask. She'll spread the news all by herself without us having to do a thing to look for it. Sometimes it's nice to have talkative friends. Or at least it is when they know how to be quiet, which isn’t nearly as often as it should be in Miyako’s case. She wouldn’t be Miyako if she were any different, though, and I don’t want her to be anyone but her noisy self.

Only after Takeru and I have both hung up, do I realize that I've forgotten to give him those homework assignments. I can't even call right away, since he's going to be calling Miyako. Well, I'll give them to him tomorrow. He should be able to take care of things in plenty of time. He's not as fast as some people I know, but he can work like a speed-demon when he really wants to. Ken’s rubbed off on him like that.

I want to talk to someone else, just to tell them about my date. I can't believe I'm being so bubbly about this. There's just no other word to describe it. I really can't wait for the actual date. Just thinking about whatever it is Daisuke's going to do has me shivery inside. He has that effect on people, when he's not driving them insane just by existing. He can do that to me too. It's kind of fun, in a weird sort of way. That’s Daisuke all over: fun and weird.

Unfortunately, I can’t really decide just who it is that I want to talk to about it. Miyako would be my usual choice, but I don't want to tie up her line in case Takeru's still trying to make up his mind on if he calls her or not. He said he would, but sometimes he can be stubborn. In fact, he's usually more stubborn than he isn't stubborn, if that made any kind of sense. At any rate, just because he said he would doesn't always mean he would right away.

Tailmon already knows everything, since she was sitting here beside me for all of it. There are a few disadvantages to having your partner living with you all the time. There's no chance to whisper a secret in their ears, because you don't have any from them. Not that I mind. I can whisper anything I want to whisper to a lot of other people.

Sora would be a good choice, but I’m not going to call her. She’s busy studying for her finals tonight. And she will be for at least another couple of weeks. I know she's going to do great on them. Koushirou coached her some. He did the same thing for Jyou, and now he's in his first year of college. Not that any of us ever doubted him, of course.

I can’t call Mimi. There’s not even a question about that. The time difference is a real pain a lot of the time. Right now it's Monday morning where she is, and she's probably in school. But maybe I can send her an e-mail. If she has time, I know she'll answer me sooner or later.

Hey, Mimi! I've got some great news. Daisuke asked me out on a date! We're going to be having dinner in the Digital World next Saturday evening.

That’s just how I get started on it. I ramble on for a while, filling her in on the things that have happened since the last time she was over here visiting. There are times I wish she wasn't so happy over there in New York City. I'd really like for her to be here to talk to in person. But one of the drawbacks of being a kid is that you don't really have a say in where you live. And she really is happy there. The place fits her. She fits the place. I hope I can find somewhere like that one day. I don't know if it'll be here in Tokyo or even here in Japan. Maybe it’ll be the Digital World. We’ve all talked about going there on a regular basis more than once. Our lives are here, for now, but maybe that won’t always be the case. It’s hard to make a decision.

I wonder what kind of things she’s up to over there. Has she asked Michael out yet? Or does she want to? I think about asking, and decide not to, at least not straight out like that. If she doesn’t want to tell me, she won’t. But I do ask how he and the other Chosen around there are doing. The last I heard, everything was fine. They’d had to deal with a Shima Unimon and a LadyDevimon that thought New York City was a great place to set up shop and destroy everything in sight, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle. As I send the e-mail out, I see the fireflies flickering around outside again. They look so tiny out there. They can't really break through the darkness. All they do is draw more attention to it. But they don't seem to care. They just keep on flickering, keep on searching for their mate, no matter what it takes.

Maybe they are a little like me. I don’t give up either, even when I’m tempted to. Someone always helps me work it through. Miyako and Tailmon have done it the most often. Takeru and Daisuke have had a hand in it too, and so have all the others, somewhere along the line. That’s what being a team means, after all. We’re always there for each other.

So maybe I am sort of like a firefly, bringing a little light into the darkness. But you can’t see a firefly without the shadows. Does that mean I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t darkness? That’s a little too much for me to worry about right now, if it’s even something to worry about at all. It might not be. It might just be something to think about.

Daisuke said the fireflies were what inspired him to ask me out. I've been wondering ever since he called just what he meant. I was distracted a little by Takeru, but now I'm thinking about it again. I don't know if this was what he was thinking about, but because of him, I'm thinking about them. I think he's right. They don't give up, no matter what. They just keep on doing what they do. A lot like him. He's the most stubborn person on the planet. Well, the most stubborn of at least three hundred or so. Then again, I didn't see anyone else being Chosen to do what he did, so maybe he is the most stubborn person on Earth.

I wonder what he'd think if I told him that. Maybe I will. If the fireflies really had anything at all to do with him asking me out, I think they also had something to do with me deciding to go out with him. Other than the fact I do like him and a good dinner in a place I enjoy with someone I like to be around is a win-win situation any way you look at it. I’m not going to wonder about what could go wrong. I don’t think that nothing will. Something is going to screw up somewhere, because that’s how things go, and it’s nothing to get worried about. It just happens and we’ll deal with whatever it is. With any luck, the worst it will be will be Daisuke blows up another stove. I hope he thinks about asking someone else to do the cooking, though. The story’s probably grown since it happened, but Jun was pretty descriptive about what he did on their parents’ anniversary.

One of the little bugs flies in and lands right in front of me on my D-Terminal while I’m thinking. It looks very pretty, with its pale light glimmering on and off like that. I don't move; I don't want to hurt it. They're so delicate. The smallest thing could hurt them and quench that light. I won’t let it happen if I can help it. Light has to stick to light, doesn’t it? I watch the little insect; it looks almost as if it were looking at me. I wonder what it’s thinking, or if it really can think. Koushirou would say that it can’t, that insects don’t have the brains to think. But I wonder.

It flickers a few more times, and then flies back out the window. I don't know why, but I have the strangest feeling this was some kind of a good omen or something. I could use something like that. After all, I still have to tell Mom and Dad about this date. I don't really want Taichi to do it. This is something for me to deal with. Maybe I should go tell him that. I can't let him get ahead of me in the 'embarrassing things to tell our parents' contest anyway. I've been keeping in front of him for almost four months now. No need to let him steal my lead. He’d get all cocky and annoying and he’s already like that enough. It’s also my duty as his sister to keep his ego pierced enough so he doesn’t start treating girls as if they exist just to feed that ego. Chizuru isn’t going to do that, I know, but since I’m her sister’s best friend, it’s also my job to keep Taichi in his place when she’s not around.

I look at the fireflies as they blink on and off outside the window, in a pattern only they really understand. Maybe only they can really see it for what it is. We just see a little piece of it, not enough to understand it. I can’t help but feel really good about this date, no matter how strange the inspiration was. Now there's just one more week to get through until it happens.

But what can happen in a week?

To Be Continued