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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fireflies: Chapter 2

Story Title: Fireflies
Word Count: chapter: 2,689||story: 5,778

Of all the things that could have happened, this wasn’t one that I ever can say I was expecting. I have a date with Motomiya Daisuke. I don't think I ever really thought I'd say something like that. But I can now. I'm even looking forward to it. I really never thought that I would be. I didn’t think I wouldn’t be, either. I didn’t think about how I’d react at all. I never thought it would happen. But now it has. He’s asked me out, and supposedly because of…fireflies.

Fireflies. He said he was thinking about fireflies. Coming from Daisuke, it not only sounds perfectly normal, but one of the most rational things I've ever heard, especially coming from him. I can't decide if that's worrying or if it's actually comforting. It’s hard to make up my mind. Daisuke affects me like that. To be honest, Daisuke affects a lot of people like that. It’s just his way.

“I wonder what he meant by that.” I'm not even aware I've said anything out loud until Tailmon replies.

“Meant by what?” She looks over at me, her tail going back and forth a little. That usually means she’s interested in what’s going on. I’ve learned to pick up on her body language over the last few years. It’s a perk of living together all the time. She’s done the same thing to me a few times. It’s a two-way street, I guess.

Well, maybe she can help me figure this out. I could use all the help I could get making sense of this. “Daisuke said that Questions Aftermath helped him decide to ask me out. I'm not really sure what he meant by that. It’s kind of weird. I know this is Daisuke, but fireflies? It’s a bit out there, even for him.”

Tailmon begins to clean one paw thoughtfully. I've noticed she does that a lot, acts feline in some ways, usually when I don’t expect her to. Well, it's no more strange than Piyomon flying like a bird, I suppose. It's just a little odd to sometimes see her lounging around like Miko or some other ordinary cat. This seems to help her think, though. “Well, you are the Chosen of Light, you know. I guess there’s some kind of connection. At least in his head.” Daisuke’s head is a scary place. I’d rather not wander around in there by myself. I’m also very glad I don’t have to.

“I guess.” Being the Chosen of Light has given me more problems than I ever could have wanted in my life, too. If it weren’t for all the friends I’ve made, Tailmon among them, I would almost wish that I never was a Chosen at all, much less one like Light. I’ve never understood completely why Light is one of the traits that Gennai and his friends chose. It’s so different from all the others. I’m sure there’s a reason, it just isn’t one I get right now. They’ve tried to explain it, but it all goes over my head.

It’s also not quite what I want to think about right now anyway. I want this fireflies thing cleared up. “There's kind of a difference between me and fireflies, though. They're a lot smaller, for one thing.”

She laughs some, and that's one of the things that make her different from a cat. I’ve read about making a cat laugh, but she’s the only one I know of who does it. I guess it's why the cat things she does are so odd. Because she isn't one, even if she looks vaguely like one. “Have you ever really thought about fireflies before?”

“Not really. They're just kind of there.” I can see them flickering around outside the window even now. I remember the classes we had on them, and I think I remember that their lights are supposed to be the male fireflies searching for a mate. I can almost feel myself turning red at the very thought of it. I want to think about something else, or at least not specifically…that.

I open up the window so I can get a better look at them. It's a warm night, so it won't really be a problem if I forget to close it later. I've done that before, been watching the stars and drifting off to sleep. Taichi usually winds up putting me into bed then. He's the best big brother a girl could ever ask for. Not that I’ve ever asked for one. But if I did, he’d be the kind that I want.

Almost as if he read my mind, he opens the door and looks in. “Are you done with the phone, Hikari? I want to make a call.”

I toss it over to him quickly and he catches it one handed. He doesn’t have his cell phone right now. It was blown up in a DeviDramon attack a couple of weeks ago and he hasn’t replaced it yet. So he has to stick with the house phone for now. “So who was that? Miyako wanting to arrange another shopping trip?” He's a great big brother, but he can be kind of nosy too. I guess he still hasn't quite gotten over that whole looking out for me thing. It was fun when I was eight, but I'm fourteen now!

Oh, wait, that's probably why he still watches out for me. You’d think that Tailmon couldn't protect me from any guy who didn't take no for an answer anyway. I'm getting better about being able to say no, too. Having Mimi and Miyako as friends really helps. Though I don't think I'd ever be able to whack someone like Mimi does. She nearly brained the last guy she didn’t want to go out with who kept on bugging her for a date. I think she's holding out for Michael, but you can never be too sure. I used to think she liked Jyou, but that never came to anything. He’s not dating anyone right now, unless one of his schoolbooks is his girlfriend and I just didn’t notice.

Taichi's still waiting for an answer, and I'm pretty certain he doesn't plan on leaving until he gets one. I'm almost tempted to tease him, but then he'd start going a little too much on the overprotective side. That I really don't want. It’s bad enough when he’s just feeling normally protective. “No, it was Daisuke. He asked me out on a date.”

“Really?” I'm pretty certain he looks happy about this. I'm not surprised. Daisuke is his protégé or something like that, after all. Who knows, maybe Taichi encouraged him to do it and the fireflies were just a coverup. “Did you tell him yes?”

Now that's a silly question. What else would I have told him? Well, I guess no, but somehow, I don't think I really wanted to. Sure, when I was younger his crush was a little annoying, but now...I don't know, I guess I just grew out of thinking that. The last time we had to stay in the Digital World overnight unexpectedly, he kept us all occupied with an endless stream of jokes and tall tales. Even Ken was laughing, though that's not so surprising. Daisuke can get him to laugh faster than anyone else I've ever met. For that matter, Daisuke can even get Iori to laugh. That’s pretty unusual in and of itself.

“Yeah. He's going to take me to dinner in the Digital World.” I wonder where he plans on eating. Digitamamon's is nice, I guess, but it just doesn't strike me as being something Daisuke would do. It's too common. Too ordinary. The one thing you can really count on him for is to do something that makes no sense whatsoever when you hear about it, but when you see it, you can't imagine it having happened any other way. He's done that over and over since I've met him.

Just when did I meet him? It takes a minute or so for me to really remember. He's been a part of my life for so long that I can't imagine what it was like not to have him in it, somewhere. It was back before we ever knew there were such things as Digimon. Before Greymon made his first appearance on Earth, even. That’s been a long time. It’s hard to imagine life without Tailmon and our lives being at risk just because we’re alive. But there was a time like that.

“Well, all right.” Taichi's talking again. I guess he noticed that I seemed to be thinking about something else and that can get him nervous. I always have wondered why. Is he really that bothered by a girl with a brain? No, I don't think so. I think it just bothers him sometimes that I'm growing up and I'm not necessarily going to be thinking about something safe like homework or saving the world or something like that. “So when are you going?”

“A week from yesterday.” I'm going to have to remind Daisuke to keep an eye out for Taichi, now that I think about it. I've dated a little before, and my brother's never followed me or tried to interrupt us, but there's a first time for everything. If he didn’t nudge Daisuke into it, he might want to check just to be sure everything works out okay. Overprotective. It’s his job. He’s a big brother to a teenage little sister. I think I saw that carved in his room somewhere. Or maybe it’s just him. “Why do you want to know?”

“Hey, I'm just curious! You asked me the same questions when I went out with Chizuru last month!”

He has a point there. Taichi's been seeing Miyako's older sister Chizuru for the last month or so. I hope it lasts. It's a little weird, but they seem to match, and he's happy. Not to mention the fact that I get to tease him, and that is always a plus. If there’s one thing that I've learned from Daisuke, a younger sibling must tease the older whenever they get the chance.

That's something Taichi and I never really did when we were younger. He always felt too guilty about teasing someone who was sick as much as I used to be, and that whole thing where I passed out at his soccer game kept preying on his mind for years. I wanted to tell him for so long that I didn't blame him. I don't think he would've really believed me, though. He probably still wouldn’t. That's Taichi for you. There are days I think he took angst lessons from Yamato. But not too many of them, thank goodness. I'd hate having Yamato for a brother. I don't know how Takeru does it. Though seeing Sora has been really good for him. He got over a lot of his own overprotective streak a long time ago, but he still can freak out sometimes if something really nasty happens to Takeru. Sora usually helps snap him back to reality, and if she’s not there, Gabumon handles it. They keep him balanced. Somebody has to.

“You guys keep an eye out for trouble while you're there.” I don't know why he's doing this. There hasn't been anything seriously going wrong in almost three months now. Which means it probably will go wrong sooner or later, but I don't think it's going to happen on my date with Daisuke. That would just be too convenient.

I think I've been reading too many of those mystery novels Takeru likes so much. I just had a chill go down my spine. I'm going to have to talk to him about that, I think. He should stop lending me things that are going to do that to me. Just because he doesn’t know they do doesn’t mean he shouldn’t think about it anyway.

That has to be a Daisuke kind of logic. This is getting more funny than it is scary: the weird kind of funny, not the laughing kind. But I’m probably reading too much into it. It’s just a silly date next week.

“We'll be careful, Taichi. Tailmon and V-mon'll be there with us, you know.” Daisuke hadn't said so, but he didn't have to. Our partners are like our skin, there whether we want them to be or not. Not that I ever want to be without Tailmon. We've both been through that sort of thing enough times. Anyone who ever tried to separate us would regret it, and that’s before anything that I did to them. Tailmon would do most of it herself.

“All right.” Taichi starts to turn around, the phone still in his hand, then stops as it starts to ring. “You expecting anyone else?” I don’t know why he doesn’t just look at the caller ID. But he’s a teenage guy. You can’t expect common sense out of them. That’s why teenage girls exist, to make up for the lack.

“It must be for you.” Daisuke would probably e-mail if there were anything else he wanted to say, and I don't think there's anything anyone else would want to talk to me about tonight.

He finally does look at the caller ID on the back of the phone and blinks. “I think it's for you, actually.” He tosses it over to me. “It’s coming from Takeru's place, at least.”

What the heck does he want? Oh, wait, that’s right. He missed out on school a couple of days last week with a really nasty cold. He probably wants to get the notes that he missed. None of us ask Daisuke for his notes. Not even Ken can read his handwriting. Daisuke doesn't seem to have any problems with it, though. It's in some secret code that a lot of us have termed very simply 'Daisuke-speak'. We're lucky he doesn't use it when he's sending e-mail. If we had to decode it every time, who knows what might've happened. He’s been the first one attacked the last four times anyone has attacked the Digital World.

“Takeru?” I click the phone on, leaning back and motioning Taichi out of the room at the same time. In the words of Mimi, I'm a teenager on the phone. Privacy is all-important. Especially where one’s older brother is concerned.

“Hey, Hikari. What's going on?” He sounds so casual, just like always. Almost always, that is. There are things that will push his buttons the wrong way. He doesn’t like people to know about them, but there are perks to having known him for all these years and knowing him as well as I do.

“Oh, the usual kind of thing. Homework. Taichi being annoying. You're not going to believe what happened a little while ago, though.” This is going to be interesting. Takeru's never been interested in me like Daisuke has been, but it's still going to be fun to see how he reacts. I almost wish I were telling him face to face so I can see it for myself. Well, it'll be fun enough seeing Miyako and Iori's reactions when I tell them tomorrow. That’s if Daisuke doesn't beat me to it, of course. He could, depending on when we all run into each other. Miyako, Iori, and Takeru all walk to school together, but Daisuke and I go alone, except for our partners. We’ve run into the others at different times, all depending on when we get started. Most of the time, we don’t all see each other until just before classes or lunch or not even until after school. Sometimes not even then, if Iori has swim practice or Miyako has a computer club meeting.

“Could you tell me in a second? I wanted to ask you something and I don't want to forget about it.” As if Takeru could ever forget anything. He's not the neat order and control freak that Ken can be, but he still doesn't forget things if they’re really important to him.

“Sure, what is it?” I start to go through my schoolbooks. I know I put that list of homework assignments he missed here somewhere. Oh, here it is. I remember reading somewhere that only one teacher in school gives homework. The problem is, every teacher thinks they're that one. I’ve thought about being a teacher for a while, and if I ever make it, I’ll try my best to remember that my kids actually do have other people teaching them things.

“I was wondering if you're free this coming up Saturday. I was hoping we could go to the movies together. If you don't mind, that is.”

What I was just saying about Takeru not being interested in me the way Daisuke is? I really hope I was right about that. But what other reason could there be for him asking me out on a date? On the same day that Daisuke wants to go out with me, no less. This is going to be interesting. I wet my lips a little and try to think of what I should tell him.

To Be Continued