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[fanfic] Digimon Adventure 02: Fade In Fade Out: Chapter 12

Story Title: Fade In, Fade Out
Word Count: chapter: 4,627||story: 55,499

A D-3? Daisuke
did his best to rub at his eyes, certain he was seeing things. Those
were something that the Chosen had, not...not whatever it was that
Mori was. He was obviously still getting his head screwed around
with. Not a good feeling, even if it was one he was getting very
comfortable with.

a D-3." Mori tucked the device back into the pocket he'd taken
it from. "My D-3. Kondo has
one too. We really are Chosen Children. Of a sort."

looked to where Unimon stood still, Mori's hand going through his
mane lightly. "You're a Vaccine,
aren't you? How can you let him do...these things?" His voice
trailed off, as he realized he wasn't entirely all that certain just
what it was that Mori was really doing. He had an idea of what was
going on with him, but other than that, he was drawing
complete blanks.

"He has his
reasons. I don't agree with them, and I believe that your friends
will put a stop to him before he goes as far as the Kaiser did."
Unimon's response wasn't even close to what Daisuke had expected.
"Mori, I love you, my friend, but you do know what you're doing
to him is wrong."

Mori just rolled
his eyes as he stood up. “You've said that before, and I've told
you why.”

doesn't mean I agree with it. I think I've already said that enough
times.” Unimon replied tartly, taking a couple of steps back to
keep on looking up into his partner's face. “Let it go, Mori. It
wasn't anyone's fault, much less the person you keep on blaming. It
just happened.”

strange Chosen, if that's what he really was, looked from Unimon to
Daisuke. “Unimon, I told you and Pidmon to take Motomiya to the
lab. Kondo will be leaving to get V-mon shortly, won't you?” He
turned slightly to where Kondo was standing, and Daisuke was a little
surprise to see her flush just a trifle. He was pretty sure that the
interactions between Ken and his
minions hadn't been anything like what was going on here. Not that
he'd ever had the chance to listen in on them, of course. But that
was beside the point.

Daisuke yelped
slightly as Pidmon's hands came down on his shoulders, and he jerked
away as much as he could, barely noticing the chain that vanished as
soon as the angelic Digimon touched him. Mori glanced back at him,
the faintest of frowns touching his face. “Don't try to fight them,
Motomiya. Just do as you're told until they've got you strapped back

soon as the words were spoken, Daisuke found his muscles relaxing and
his will to resist fading away. What
in the...
It had been annoying enough when this kind of thing had
been happening when he thought he was going up against Ken. It was
ten times as irritating now that he was fighting someone he didn't
even know.

“As soon as
you've done that, come back here, Unimon, and we'll go for the ride.”
Mori's promise was the last thing Daisuke heard before Pidmon and
Unimon got him out of the throne room and escorted him down an eerily
familiar blank hallway.

There was no way
he could fight them, but they hadn't said he couldn't talk. “So,
what is really going on here? You said something about it not being
someone's fault, Unimon. Care to clue me in?”

especially.” Unimon replied calmly. Daisuke blinked; that wasn't
exactly what he'd been expecting from how nearly-friendly the Digimon
had been being to him.

“Why not?”
He frowned, trying to think of just what it might be. “Is it
because of Mori?”

Unimon looked at
him from one eye. “Not exactly. I just don't think you're in a
state that could really understand what I'd have to say.” The
confusion Daisuke was feeling must've made it to his face, as the
Digimon kept on speaking. “How much do you really remember right

opened his mouth, not entirely certain what he was going to say, then
closed it again. Unimon nodded firmly. “You see? You barely know
your own name, much less what has happened in a very great amount of
time. If I told you what Mori was doing, and why, you wouldn't
understand any of it. It would confuse you even worse, and Mori would
be forced to put even more of the
elixir he's been working on in you. If you think you have memory
problems now...”

that made an annoying kind of sense. “All right.” He didn't
protest, couldn't protest as he
was taken into the laboratory. He vaguely recalled waking up in here
not all that long ago. It hadn't really improved that much since he'd
been away from it.

Pidmon helped
him onto the lab table that was a major feature of the room, and
carefully strapped him in. None of the straps were too tight, nor did
they have any give to them that he could use to escape. If Ken had
been in possession of servants as devoted and dedicated as these
were, they would never have been able to stop him.

He clamped his mind around the things he'd heard not all that long
ago. Ken had expected to find him there when he woke up. There had
been mentions of them as boyfriends. Did he love
Ken? Did he really love Ken the way Miyako loved Koushirou?

all the Mushroom haze and confusion, he was certain of one thing now,
more certain than he was of his own name: yes. He did
love Ichijouji Ken.

course he was pretty sure this would make a lot more sense if he
could remember why he loved him.
Only the vaguest of imagery danced through his mind, of a warm
presence near him, supporting him as he supported it, of being held
and holding someone else, of good times and bad. It was enough to
send him screaming into the night, if he'd been capable of it.

Why? How?
The two words echoed in his mind as he tried to work past the effects
of the serum running through his blood. All that seemed to want to
bubble up were the things that Mori had said, about how it could very
well make him go crazy or worse. The thought of someone else, anyone
else, doing any kind of 'thinking for him' was enough to make him
want to throw up.

How long would
this stuff take to go through him? Would his memories come rushing
back in like a tidal wave or would they just kind of pop up slowly?
Or something in between? He fidgeted a little in his bonds, looking
over to where Pidmon and Unimon were talking under their breath to
each other. That kind of thing had never set right with Daisuke and
he tried to hear something of what they were talking about. Some
people called it eavesdropping. He thought of it, at least right now,
as checking out what the enemy was doing. As nice as Pidmon and
Unimon kind of were to him, keeping him away from the truth and his
friends put them in the ranks of the bad guys.

“You think
Kondo's going to do it?” Unimon's voice was just barely audible,
and Daisuke wasn't even certain if he were hearing it correctly?
Whatever Pidmon said in reply was even quieter, and Unimon nodded
slightly. “But it's a risk worth taking.”

Whatever else
they might've said went unheard as a sudden wash of pain slammed
directly into Daisuke's guts. Sweat broke out all over him, and he
ground his teeth, sagging against the table. He was grateful suddenly
for the straps holding him there. Without that kind of support, he
probably would've fallen on the floor into an extremely ungraceful

said something like that might happen,” Pidmon's voice came a
little more clearly now, and Daisuke couldn't bring himself to care
at all. He couldn't have heard the angel when he was saying something
that might be interesting, no, he
had to hear him when he was in too much pain to care! “It's because
of the serum being worked out of his system. Since he's had so much
of it, it's causing a bad reaction.”

that was wonderful to know. He wondered if it would be very bad of
him to want to strangle Mori several times over. He also wondered if
he really, truly cared if it was
bad of him, as long as it got the pain to stop.

Even without
strangling his captor, though, the agony began to slowly subside.
Daisuke took in long breaths of slightly medicine-scented air,
wincing as he did so. This place smelled like a hospital, or like
that lab where Koushirou worked on some of his experiments, the ones
that had to be kept absolutely sterile. Neither of them made him feel
any better.

Daisuke shifted around a little more in his restraints and closed his
eyes for a few seconds. The pain still lingering under the surface
seemed to fade away a little with that. He had a feeling it was more
in his head than anything else, though. Jyou had told him several
times that just closing your eyes didn't really help the pain, just
the perception of it. That was fine by him. Thinking you weren't
feeling pain was just as good as not actually feeling it. Sometimes
even better, to his way of thinking.

faint smile rippled across his face as he remembered that. If the
pain also meant he was going to be getting his memories back, then he
wanted to feel more pain. That
didn't sound quite as right as he wanted it to, though.

If only there
was some way he could decide what he remembered. He thought about Ken
again, remembering what he could. Most of what came to his mind were
those times when he was the Kaiser. There were a few things that
seemed to be memories of after, seeing a great Digimon in front of
them that appeared to be a combination of XV-mon and Stingmon...he
had been absolutely wild, while Ken had stared at the new
creation...at Paildramon...yes, that was his name, Paildramon, their
Jogress evolution partner! Ken had stared at it with a kind of odd,
worried calmness.

Jogress partner.
Ken was his Jogress partner. The more he focused on that, the more he
began to remember. It was still sketchy, though. There was just the
thought of the two of them gazing in wonder at what they'd made
together, when their hearts had beaten as one, their minds and souls
completely in sync...

that been when he loved Ken the first time? No. They'd still only
been friends at that time. Not even best friends yet. That wouldn't
come for a while. But it had been
when he had known in the deepest level of his being that he wouldn't
ever be completely complete without Ken in his life somewhere,

heartbeat thing. It was pretty cool, really. He'd never really
thought about how odd it was to have that kind of thing happen, until
it had. It just felt so natural. They didn't get any special spiffy
powers because of it; it was just something that was part
of them. Though one of those built-in locator devices like identical
twins were supposed to have could've come in handy in the last week
or two.

So when had he
started to love Ken? He winced as another wave of pain shot through
him, ground his teeth together, and did his best to ride it out.
There could be memories on the other side he could use to find a way
out here. Who knew, maybe he'd picked up some killer lock picking
skills or something in the last few years. It wouldn't hurt to
remember. Much.

As it ebbed
away, he heard Unimon and Pidmon again. He was getting not to like to
have to depend on them for any information, since they couldn't be
nice enough to come over where he could hear them without having to
strain his ears. “Mori better hurry if he wants to keep this guy.
The worse the pain gets, the more he's going to remember.”

“You know he's
listening, right, Pidmon?” Daisuke was pretty sure that was
amusement in Unimon's voice. “I can almost see his ears growing
from here.”

I'm quite aware of that.” Pidmon didn't seem to care all that much
either. Daisuke decided the angel was trying to tell him something,
without making it really obvious. Maybe he wasn't such a jerk of a
winged pretty boy after all. “It's not as if he can do anything,
either. You know what Mori said. His memories won't come back in any
coherent order. He'll be worse than useless for a couple of days, and
that's if he doesn't get any more
of that stuff pumped into him. Which he will, as soon as Mori gets

that wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear. Did it really matter
now if he remembered why he loved Ken or what had led Ken to love
him, if it would all be wiped away the moment Mori stuck him full of
serum again?

Maybe it
doesn't matter, but I'm going to do it anyway. Those are my
memories, my life, and no one's going to keep them from me!

Something in his mind clicked, reminding him that Mori had kept them
from him fairly easily for two weeks now. He told that something in
his mind to go away. No one kept what was his away from him forever!

Ken. That was
the goal, to understand what had happened between them and how. So,
that meant he'd figured out, decided, or somehow or other become gay.
The thought didn't really bother him. His parents hadn't been all
that thrilled about homosexuals, at least as far as he could
remember, but he'd never had a problem with them. He probed back
through the scattered remains of his memories, hunting for anything
that could be a link to the past.

He stood in
front of them, goggles in hand, fidgeting just a little. Ken was
beside him, looking as calm and unruffled as he always had. Daisuke
could read the few expressions the former Kaiser permitted on his
face without a problem, though. Ken was just as nervous as he was. He
was just a lot better at hiding it.

Mom, Dad,”
he looked at his parents, remembering how they'd sat and looked so
much like this when he'd first introduced Ken to them as his friend,
so long ago. “I'm gay and Ken and I have been dating for about a
month now.”

could almost hear the soft puff of air
that was Ken's laugh at that. He was certain he felt it on the back
of his head, if nothing else. But he didn't stop looking at his
parents, and he definitely saw the look of confusion and horror in
their eyes as what he said sank into them.

Daisuke grinned
as he pulled that piece of memory out and tried to find a place in
his jigsaw puzzle of a mind to put it. His parents hadn't really
liked it right away, but in the three years it took for them to
accept him and Ken, he'd done his best to stay on reasonably friendly
terms with them. The few times he'd come to see them, he hadn't
really brought up his relationship with Ken more than four or five
times in a visit.

wonder what's taking Kondo so long.” Pidmon turned his attention to
the door for a few moments. “Getting his partner shouldn't really
be taking her this long.”

Unimon tossed
his head carelessly. “I wish she'd hurry it up. If it gets much
later, Mori's going to want to put off our ride again.”

getting obsessed with that ride. Someone might think you want
to get Mori out of this place for a couple of hours.” Pidmon rapped
Unimon's shoulder lightly, and Daisuke caught a glimpse of an amused
grin on his lips. “So he wouldn't get hurt if something should
happen to happen, maybe?”

The four-footed
Digimon snorted, prancing a little in place nervously. “You're
imagining things. You know that you've been missing taking Kondo for
your evening flights as much as I miss my rides with Mori.”

shook his head a little, amusement written all over him. “Maybe.
But I'm not as irritable about it as you are. You're trying to save
him and anyone with half an eye could see it. I'd bet even he
could, if he paid enough attention.” One hand flapped in Daisuke's
direction. “Right?”

sure.” Daisuke wasn't all that positive on what he was agreeing to,
but it sounded all right. “What you said.” Maybe he should really
pay more attention to what was going on with them.

A slightly
amused voice broke into the conversation, such as it was. “Are you
two talking about me again?” Daisuke caught a glimpse of Kondo out
of the corner of one eye, and held in her grip quite firmly was
V-mon, squirming for all he was worth.

Daisuke tried to sit up, and was jerked back down by the straps.
“V-mon, hey, buddy!” The joy that surged through him at the sight
of his partner was eclipsed only by the invisible stinging needles of
pain that plunged into him a few heartbeats later. He threw his head
back, slamming it against the table, and didn't care that he was
screaming out loud in pain. It hurt too much to do anything but

V-mon's voice pierced through the pain, but only a little. As if
hearing it triggered something, a thousand other memories began to
surge through Daisuke with the cry. Seeing V-mon for the first time,
introducing him to his parents a little after they'd defeated
BelialVamdemon, having to convince Jun that she couldn't take him as
a visual aid to her project 'My Brother, The Chosen Child Who Saved
The World', and so many more he couldn't even begin
to classify them all.

the pain and the memory tidal wave began to ease off, Daisuke sagged
against the table. There was no way he was going to be able to get
out of here this time. He'd been shaky on his feet before. Now, if he
could stand for more than two seconds, even with help, he'd be
luckier than even he had a right
to believe he could be.

“What's going
on with him?” Daisuke couldn't tell who V-mon was talking to just
yet. It still hurt too much to open his eyes. Maybe this meant more
of it was coming out of him? He couldn't be sure, but it sounded
about right. He wanted a shower. Or a nice long hot bath. One that
lasted three or four hours. Or days. Days would be nice.

“That really
isn't your concern.” Whoever V-mon was talking to, it was Mori who
answered. Daisuke dragged his eyes open, ignoring the pain for a few
moments to look at his captor. He supposed, in a mild sort of way,
that Mori was good looking enough. Nowhere near close to Ken's good
looks, of course, but then, who could be? When you had the best, why
bother looking at the rest?

Kondo cleared
her throat briefly. “Where did you want me to put him, Mori?”

there should be good.” Over there turned out to be a small cage,
with a solid metal top, bottom, and three sides. The fourth side had
a barred door, which Kondo opened to put the small Digimon inside.
There was just enough space for him in there, but he couldn't move
all that much. Mori came over to look down at him, a thoughtful
expression in his dark eyes, one Daisuke didn't like at all. A faint
flicker of memory surged in of Mori looking down at him
like that, and he flinched, trying not to think about it too much. If
he'd known being leader and the Chosen of Courage and Friendship and
Ken's boyfriend would lead into things like that...

would've still accepted them all, and begged for more. Because the
upsides definitely outweighed the

“So what are
you going to do, Mori?” Kondo appeared a little interested, but
nowhere on the level that Daisuke was. Harm to him was one thing.
Harm to his partner was in a whole different level of annoyedness.

“The next
batch of the serum is finally ready. I'm going to deliver it to both
of them when I get back from my ride with Unimon.” Mori went over
to a long counter and picked a vial of something up, looking at it
for several moments. “I'm aware he's been getting his memory back.
The pain spasms are proof of that.” His brow was furrowed as he
turned back to where Daisuke could see him more clearly. “I can't
decide if I should wait until all of it has cleared out of his system
or go ahead and do it before then.”

Daisuke decided
it was time he took part in this. It was his mind they were talking
about, after all. “What's the difference?” Who knew, he might
even get more answers.

“The effects
on you will be dependent on just what I do to you.” Mori picked up
a laptop that reminded Daisuke a little of the one Koushirou almost
always carried with him, his fingers tapping the keys briefly. “I've
kept a record of your progress since I first started this, for the
sake of science, of course.”

shook his head. All the bad guys in two worlds to choose from, and he
got the one who had a patent on the 'mad scientist' routine. Where
were the psychotic world-conquerors when you really
needed them?

Mori put the
laptop back down and came over to Daisuke, staring down into his
eyes. “Now, before I take my leave, there's something I need to
know from you.” A kind of expectant hush fell over the room, like
what he'd heard when Qinglongmon was about to say something really
momentous. He was hard-pressed to avoid coughing or making some kind
of noise just to break it. “Exactly what did Pidmon and Unimon say
before I came in here?”

tried to keep his mouth shut, but the collar had other ideas it
seemed. He spilled everything that he'd heard, including what they
seemed to think Kondo was up to. He caught a look at her, and was a
little surprised to find her looking a little amused. If she was
planning something, she was very cool about it. He liked that. If he
got out of this place with his memories intact enough, he wouldn't
have minded being her friend. If she didn't take the eventual beating
to a bloody pulp he planned on doing to Mori the wrong way.

“And that's
everything?” Mori's gaze bored into Daisuke's eyes, and he found it
impossible to look away. The eyes weren't the violet ones he'd seen
in earlier images in his mind, when his brain had been this jerk's
playtoy, but they were just as fascinating at the moment. He knew
exactly what a small helpless mouse had to feel like when being
entranced by a snake.

so sucked.

“Yes, that's
everything.” Daisuke nodded slightly, most of his vision now taken
up by Mori's eyes. “Everything they said.”

“Good.” Mori
turned back to the rest of his 'court'. “Unimon, go get ready for
the ride. Pidmon, you've got guard duty on the main entrance. Kondo,
stay in here, keep an eye on Motomiya and his partner.”

Daisuke had
almost been expecting something like 'if they're not here when I get
back, there will be dire consequences to pay'. Instead, it looked as
if whatever Kondo was planning, it meant nothing to Mori. That had a
lot of implications, and very few of them were ones that he liked.

course, the shaking that went all through the room and apparently
throughout the entire base just then was something he liked even
more. It had the feeling to him that something very
important was about to start happening. Vials and bottles on the
counter Mori had stood at shook with the tinkle of glass, and the
very table he was strapped to seemed to move around some. A loud
explosion echoed all through the place a few heartbeats later,
followed by another and another.

going on?” Unimon shouted, doing his best to avoid falling over.
Having four feet helped, it seemed, but not enough with this
kind of shaking and quaking going on. “Mori?”

“It must be
some kind of quake.” Mori headed to the doorway that he'd come in
by. “Cancel the previous orders, Unimon, Pidmon, Kondo, come with
me. I want to know if we'll have to move this place.”

glared over, bending his neck the best he could. “Hey! What about
me and V-mon? Are you just going to leave us here? What if the
ceiling caves in or something?” He didn't think it would, but he
was also quite certain that he'd heard this kind of explosion before,
and he liked it.

V-mon piped in, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “You wouldn't want
us to get killed before you can do that brain-warping thing, right?
What kind of fun would you have messing with Ken's head if you did

Daisuke's proud
grin fell apart as Mori turned back to them, a thoughtful look in his
eyes. “And just how do you know what my plans are, little Digimon?
You haven't been here long enough to know anything.”

be surprised at what Kondo talks about when you're not around!”
V-mon declared without missing a beat, grinning like a maniac.
Daisuke really approved of that. Had he been getting lessons from
Patamon? Sure, the little guy wasn't all that scary like that
but when he was Tokomon, he looked fit to chew your face off! “She's
a really nice person you know. I wouldn't think an evil jerk like you
would want her around. She could let just anyone in here to screw up
what you're planning, you know. Anyone!”

stalked back over to them, fires of fury sparking in his eyes. “You
have no idea of what you're talking about, V-mon. Kondo has been more
loyal to me than she has to anyone else in her entire life,
and it's a loyalty I return. You're not dealing with some kind of
idiot pair of 'villains' from anime who would backstab each other
without a second thought. What we've been through rivals, if
not surpasses everything that you and your little friends have

came a little closer, glaring at V-mon as if this were some kind of
an insult to him personally. “And let me inform you that Kondo
would not let just any kind of
random idiot into my stronghold, to do who knows what to the
decorating and upsetting all of my plans!”

you're right. She didn't let just any kind of random idiot in here.
She let in some very specific, and some very upset,
Chosen of the Digital World.”

Daisuke pulled
his head around one more time, and grinned ear to ear. “About time
you guys got here, Takeru!”

To Be Continued